Another false near miss

I saw this at and had to mention it here because it was video taped.

I would love to see law enforcement say "if you create a false near miss we're going to arrest you for reckless endangerment."

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  • That part about the assault made it sound like Andrea was innocent, and that the video was trying to frame her. Talk about tricky wording and sensationalism at its worst. I hate the news.

  • Typical sensationalism not facts and data.

  • I will if the posts are banned...

  • No worries Swift. I don't even know what sterile political post means. It was approved by a mod so I figure it's OK.

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    Being cynical by nature I'm inclined to wonder if this isn't similar to the issue with the Uber app? For those unfamiliar the Uber app allows you to order a taxi to your location and allows you to track where it is and determine how much it'll cost etc. In the UK the licenced taxi drivers (black cabs) realised that this presented a serious risk to their income and organised a protest blockading the city by slow driving around major junctions in and out and thus causing a standstill. 

    Presumably commercial helicopter pilots, especially those who's role could be performed by a UAS, have a similar concern about UAS. I'm not saying it's an organised thing but if enough reports are made by them making it look like UAS' are unsafe public opinion will swing that way. 

  • Going to find the Air traffic recording if I can find it for this one... Looks like a G Class airspace issue, if the UAV yielded and then the larger manned copter then changed heading again to intercept I do not think this is viewed as safe action.

    I hope some of the seasoned pilots weigh in on this... 

  • Another case where the helo pilot deliberately fly's toward the "UAV" and claims what would happen if it hits his tail rotor over a crowd. Manned aircraft pilots are on the hunt, and are looking at any chance they can to call the FAA and the news channels to get a ban in place. I would like for this to bite back at them with more restrictions on manned aircraft. There is no reason to have manned aircraft flying near crowds. Not safe. 

  • Why is the large several thousand pound manned helo flying over the crowd? What if a large Florida bird strikes their tail rotor?
  • And this is why i dont watch or read the news ever. Its boring and a complete waste of time. Its dumb tv made by morons for morons.

  • Achooo!! Sorry... just my BS allergies playing up. A rather convenient depiction of recent events. 

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