Antenna Tracking in HappyKillmore's GCS

FPV antenna tracking is now working in HappyKillmore's GCS v1.1.32 and newer.
Are you looking for something to do with your original ArduPilot now that you've got the new ArduPilot Mega? Why not put it to good use! Diego Colonnello and I have come up with an antenna tracker for my GCS. It uses the original ArduPilot, a couple servos and a FTDI cable. Building the actual mechanism to move your patch antenna is up to you...but the code is in there to make it work. You can also use your ArduStation! Simply select the ArduStation output type and the data will flow out in the right format regardless of GPS or Auto-pilot brand.

Here's a Wiki page trying to explain how it works:

To download the ArduTracker 1.0 source and 1.1.32 of my GCS:

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  • You might need to click the "Set Home" button to get it to start tracking.

  • Help me please...

  • Ouppsss, sorry, no NPA => APM 2 ;-)

  • My APM 2 is on and communicates with "HGControl Station - Lite"  via 3DR Radio 433mhz. (com 6, 57600)

    It works fine;-)

    Now, I want to install an antenna followed.

    I recycled my card ArduPilot, I connected to my pc (com 10, 38400), then I loaded the program Ardutracker 1.1.

    I connected the servo to output 1 PAN and Tilt servo to output 2.

    I powered the map ArduPilot.

    I can control the servo pan / tilt manually via software "HK's Ground Control Station - Lite Version". (in the menu TRACKING)

    By cons, automatically, it does not work ...

    Normally, the software "HK's Ground Control Station - Lite Version" should provide the GPS coordinates of the two apm.

    And the antenna should be oriented to the NPA.

    Its not working 3690938924?profile=original!

    I do not understand ...

    Can someone help me?

  • Did you try the settings under Maestro Protocol on the Wiki?

  • Paul I have shifted the jumper when changing modes.  I will keep the group updated. I also shifted com ports from hardwired com port to usb-serial ports still no go.

  • Please keep us posted! I'm interested to know if you get your Maestro working with it....



  • Thanks for all the info. When I get the tracker up and running I will let you know.
    What a great group here..
  • I have an older Pololu servo driver that requires a jumper to change from SSC to Pololu. The Maestro's claim they will auto detect, but I had to follow the directions here under Maestro Protocol

  • I tried my 24 servo maestro and it works great, only with SSC mode.  It will not work in maestro or pololu mode.  Still nothing with the 8 servo serial controller.

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