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  • T3

    That is not an amateur sUAS. The camera turret alone is a couple of K even more if it has a thermal imager (it came down at dusk). Have a look at the paint scheme somebody has actually done a bit of work there it is three tone designed to make this look smaller than it actually is. 

  • So there we have it. No Amature droning in Pakistan, you will get shot down and arrested for having a cool hobby. Lol
  • It doesn't really have the same look as something from a major aerospace firm, so I would put my money on it being a local job (maybe a civilian hobbyist, maybe a SF operator)...


    Did some digging, and here's a couple "RC bird" videos that stand out:

    An RC glider that is patterned after an eagle.  Looks pretty realistic, except for the vertical rudder.

    These guys elevate it to an art form.  Really impressive results!  Realistic enough for local birds to attack it in flight.

  • it looks like its made of card board probably depron, i think somebody in that area was flying rc and got shot down does hobby king sell in Pakistan

  • I feel sorry for the next real hawk that comes along looking for a meal.

  • I know I am :) This probably one of the funnier post/responses I have seen on here.

  • @Rory -- Makes sense.  I think you're right.  Camera pod was probably in the belly.  Somebody must be getting a good laugh at all this speculation!

  • _MG_6874_240px.jpgLooks strikingly similar to the Festo smart bird

  • Wiki Ninja

    Lol. Like the photo was taken immediately after he rolled his eyes.

  • The guy with the FN FAL looks like he knows more than he is willing to admit...

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