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APM 1 boards, now at clearance prices!


The APM 1 board is still very popular, especially with fixed-wing pilots, but our world is moving to the smaller APM 2.x boards pretty quickly. So 3D Robotics is clearing their inventory of APM 1 boards with much lower prices. 

The full APM 1 kit is now $100 off, at $150

And for all of you with the original (and now obsolete) APM 1 1280 boards, you can upgrade to APM 1 2560, which is fully supported by modern code, for just $49 

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  • Moderator

    I shall quote my kid, "Dang it!"

  • Indeed I do.. but now I have a beautiful 2560 to match it, sorry =]

  • Moderator
    @Serg, so you have an oilpan... I need one :-)
  • Hans:

    APM1 with AVR1280 chip can do:

    Arduplane <= v2.60

    ArduCopter <= 2.7.1

    All other boards (APM1 with AVR2560, APM2 and APM2.5) can use the current released versions:

    Arduplane v2.60

    ArduCopter 2.7.3

    So as you can see there is only an issue for copters. Currently the AVR2560 chips are 75% or so full, so I would expect them to be supported for the next one and a half year or so.
     But that is just my personal opinion.

  • Admin

    I just scored APM1 2560 #50 at the 3DR store so there are only 49 left, maybe?



  • 100KM

    Darn, youre not planning the same sale with the assembled kit? ;)

  • I blew up my 1280 yesterday; perfect timing for an upgrade! And bought another kit while I was at it =]

    Chrismas comes early! 

  • @Randy,

    Thanks for your answer on arducopter

    Could someone provide RAM/ROM occupancy for Arduplane on APM1 ?



  • 3D Robotics

    Jim: you can see the product comparison matrix here. Basically, APM 2.x has better sensors (especially the baro and gyros), which make the most difference in multicopters. For planes, both perform fine. APM 2.x also has another processor (the DMP, inside the sensor package) that we're not actually using yet but might in the future. 

    They share the same main processor and memory, so there's no issue with code support. 

  • How about selling a daughter card for the APM1 that has all the same sensors as the APM2.5? :-)

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