APM 2.5 + X8 Wing First Flights


My spanking new APM 2.5 arrived earlier this week, along with the xBlo GPS and 3DR radio modems.  We've flown the X8 previously on RC just to make sure servo travels and CG are all good to go, but yesterday we conducted a series of 10 minute flights with varying levels of automation.

Note that we have not installed the Pitot sensor as yet, all flights we conducted with GPS/Alt/Accel guidance only, we didn't change anything in terms of PID's or settings out of the box whatsoever.

The whole process was;

1) Take it out of the box and go oooo, ahhhh, shiny.

2) Make up some leads and sort out power for servo rail and APM - Note that on APM2.5 there is a jumper on the output rail for the servos / equipment that is supposed to (when bridged) provide power from the input side to the output side.  I found that mine had no voltage whatsoever with the jumper installed or removed.  Therefore I decided to power the output rail (servos etc.) from the BEC in my speed controller.  Which, actually, makes more sense than sinking current from the power supply for the APM / Rx.

3) Update code on APM to latest and greatest via USB.

4) Follow quick setup guides on website to configure airframe etc.

5) Tear some hair out trying to get radio modems to work then realise that if you don't supply exactly 5V to the input side then the radio modems won't work - derrr.

6) Get radio modems up and working test telemetry and confirm orientation of APM.

7) Remove propellor from A/C. - IMPORTANT.

8) Calibrate radio control and confirm flight modes via mode switch.

9) Set stablise mode and confirm direction of control surfaces is correct by rolling and pitching airframe.

10) Set RTL mode (NOTE Propeller is removed) to confirm everything again including throttle control.

11) Charge batteries and head to the airfield.

The flights we conducted, were a series of 10 minute flights to explore each of the capabilities of the APM;

Flight 1 - Testing stabilise mode and rudimentary RTL.

- Flight in manual mode to confirm control

- Switched to Stablise mode from level flight to confirm everything is ok there

- Back to manual mode and placed airframe in usual attitude

- Switched to stabl mode and confirmed recovery.  This process was repeated a few more times to confirm everything is working as it should.  No Problems.

- Flew A/C away from launch point in manual mode and then switched to RTL mode to confirm GPS tracking and control back to launch point.  No Problems.

Flight 2 - Testing waypoint guidance mode.

- Program basic waypoints on Mission Planner and write to APM via radio link.

- Takeoff in manual mode, then switched to Auto and the A/C flew the waypoints no problem at all.

- Did note that in Auto and RTL mode's the throttle was a little high.  Need to correct this.

- Landed manually.

Flight 3 - Testing circling, and other "advanced" features along with inflight programming.

- Program basic waypoints on Mission planner including some circling features.

- Manual takeoff, switch to Auto and the A/C flew the waypoints including circling with no problem.

- Issued "fly to here" commands - No problems.

- Issued land waypoint command - A/C started to fly what seemed like a circuit decending away from the launch point.  I got a little nervous and took over.  This will be out next test for flight 4 I think.

In summary, it's been a great experience.  I can't believe that something so simple and cost effective can deliver such trouble free "out of the box" operation.  Congratulations to everyone who has contributed to this awesome little device, and it's software.  It really was great fun to put together, and my mind is bursting with ideas and applications for it.

Our next steps are to incorporate some of the things we learnt from the first few flights, and also add camera gimbal guidance from the APM along with antenna tracking at the base station.

Here's a block diagram of the current configuration.


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  • Saurabh Srivastava can u please show the pin configuration for these FY-602(500mW)radios?? i have the same and i wana connect them with the apm2.0!!! a picture would be really nice if u can take that!!!!

  • Would you mind emailing me the configuration files you are using? My email address is circask8ers@gmail.com

    Jonathan McClanahan 

  • Good job Saurabh. Your friend looked pretty nervous, when you applied power before the hand launch......lol.

  • Thanks Biggles... This is still not that neat as I wanted it to be... LOL

    Anyway, I did the maiden of the beauty.. She flew awesome... I was a little concered about the launch as she is quite heavy and the stock setup seem just ok.. not thaty great power... however, she flew really well.
    Here is the video...

    Since this was the maiden, I flew within visuals and tested only normal rc mode and stabalize and RTL modes... However, I did have issues while landing.. I was trying to land in stabalize mode... and the throttle was not shutting off... maybe the APM was trying to stabalize the altitude as well... dont know... Now I have set the parameter to override throttle in stabilize mode...
    Will fly her this saturday.
  • @Saurabh Srivastava Your setup looks great mate!  Very tidy indeed, puts my "overnight special" to shame!

  • Pat, I have a "trial" gimbal on the front with pan/tilt, I've used that with the APM onboard camera stablisation and the "point camera here" function through mission planner.  All worked very well, with no complaints.  I would love to use it for mapping - yes, I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that though.  I'm not a GIS guru by any stretch, so trying to learn that at the same time.

    FPV doesn't really do it for me, I've tried it, and yeah, it was ok, but I really enjoyed the technical challenge of autonomous flight, and the camera tracking stuff.

  • Thanks for such a great review, can't wait to hear more! 

    Will you be incorporating a gimbal for mapping or FPV??


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  • Hi there. I have a similar setup... Will be test flying my X8 with ardu 2.65 next week. Its raining here in Mumbai India... I have the Minim OSD as well with firmware 1.69 (i guess... or something like that) running on the OSD. I have the 3DR Radios and Mediatek GPS.


    BTW, I also have a pair of Feiyutech FY602 Radio Modems with me... The best part is that even those radios work with Ardupilot and they are 500mW (10km range) All you need to do is to match the pin configuration... I am powering my setup on 6000mAh x 2 Nanotechs. The AP is powered by 3 cell 1000mAh x 2 packs with a regulator.Got 70 amps ESC and GWS servos with a 900Mhz 1500 mW Video Tx and a Seawolf Pixim WDR camera.

  • Bryan, in terms of the launch, I have hand launched it myself, the X8 has some hand holds on the bottom to help you with the launch.  My little fella is the chief camera man!  He's a decent pilot in his own right though, often brings a zagi or flying wing down to the field and tries to knock me out of the sky!!  :)

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