APM 2.6 - TBS Discovery Build


Hello everyone,

I am super excited to be back on the board and ready to play with my new incoming APM! I have had some experience with the DJI Naza but I always felt that I was missing out on something. So here I am today about to begin my build.  

Here's the build:

TBS Discovery frame

APM 2.6 w/ external compass and uBlox GPS (Awaiting Shipping)

3DR Telemetry Kit (Awaiting Shipping)

4x RCTimer HP-2212 1000 kV Motors

4x RCTimer SK-30A SimonK ESCs

Turnigy 9XR

FrSky DJT Combo

4x RCTimer Carbon Fibre 9x4.7 Props

I picked the TBS Discovery for a bunch of reasons but I am really concerned about its integrated PCD bottom plate causing havoc with the APM. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've searched far and wide on the web for similar APM TBS Discovery setups but I have been unable to find any photos or explanations about how to best connect & place everything. So if anyone has similar experience please chime in.

Eventually, I want to FPV but I need to hide some more cash away from the wife before I do that. So in the meantime, I'm looking forward to tinkering with the APM and playing the telemetry. 

I know everyone has a lot of experience here so please help me out with suggestions.

.... Sooooooo excited!

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  • yes its very expensive , i live on the other side of the world so postage and import tax is killing me more than u will know , pelican case is the next project , what case are you looking at? , will you fit EVERYTHING in the one box or will you keep the GS seperate? 

  • @michael

    I think the pic shows the battery is not exactly place under the top plate in the center, its a little more to the back 

  • Hello Michael!  

    What about the TBS project?

    Is it done? 

  • I agree with you, TBS Disco is a great quadricopter... but the new one (PRO) is very expensive. You can do everything with the old one and save money. But, it´s just my opinion!
    The Ground Station is amazing, it gave me more then I would expect. In a few days I going to put it all together inside a Pelican case, is better to protect the equipments.

  • oh and now that the disco pro has the ability to turn on and off all the features of the core easily ill just use the core for rssi and the rest from minimosd , because it was looking to much of a pain to do a digital to analog converter just for rssi when the core does it anyway, hope running 2 osd over lapping wont cause any issues 

  • awesome , its comforting to know that im not the only one using ardu on the disco main reason im going to ardupilot is i love what steadidrone did with their quad and i love tbs products so why not mash them together and get the best of both worlds :D i might even have a go at a build video , your ground station is awesome by the way !!

  • Hello Robincfey, the wiring looks fine. I had installed the OSD just like you showed in the diagram and it works great. I didn´t had time to update the drawing yet, I did some modifications at my TBS Disco including OSD, BUZZER, LED navigation. Take care to choose the correct power source in TBS Disco (5Vdc or 12 Vdc).

  • 3692832812?profile=originalhey so i found a pic of the disco pro bottom plate and did another diagram , its ruff and the wires don't go EXACTLY where they should but just focus on the minimosd , what do you think??

  • 3691060468?profile=originalhey dude build looks great , just a quick question , how does this wiring look to you? will it work ? clean? have you added minimosd yet?

  • Hi Michael,

    On APM2 I have JP1 not installed, and RX powering the board from the input rail. RX power from 5V UBEC. Right now I have opto ESCs and all is working great. Just a month ago I was using linear BEC ESCs, and all four ESCs had the power lead connected with no issues at all. Then I tried disconecting the power leads from all of them to make sure I could install opto ESCs, and worked just great too.

    I assume APM2.6 with the power module works more or less in the same way, so from my experience I would say you don't install de JP1. Not saying you can't leave it on (I don't really know), just saying what works for me. 


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