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  • Did anyone notice that the artificial horizon is making the wrong turns on hk gcs? It starts with a right turn and the horizon is indicating a left turn.
  • Nice work Chris!!!
  • Chris, yes I do have those defines. 

    The GCS display is showing everything except the attitude and is reporting the use of Mavlink protocol. I can't see any decoded attitude data in the translated data text box in the serial data tab of HK GCS or any Mavlink messages of type #30 (0x1e) in the raw data.

    The messages I did decode in my head seem to correspond to what's shown on the display.


    I did get the HIL running on my bench setup, but haven't tried the GCS with that yet.



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    Phil, do you have this in your APM_Config.h file?

    #define GCS_PORT 0

    We're really not ready to support APM2.0 yet, since we haven't documented it, so it's best to just wait for release.
  • I have APM 2 checked out, built and loaded.

    Trying to go step by step I am firstly trying to get it running in airplane mode (no HIL sim), using Port 0 to connect to HK GCS with an APM board sitting on the bench.I didn't use port 3 for telemetry since my remote Xbee is stuck in an airplane.


    The GCS is receiving GPS, servo and ADC data, but I'm not getting any attitude information (roll, pitch): The instruments don't update and selecting Pitch and Roll on the Sensors tab shows only 0 for those channels. The accel and gyro channel sliders and values move around when I move the board.

    All the CLI tests for the sensors seem to give sensible results.

    I'm using MTK16 for the GPS on the test board.

    Is this expected at the moment?


    I'll move onto getting the HIL running.

  • That vid was totally awesome! good work guys, I cant wait for the 2.0 release
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    The guide for using Xplane with APM 2.0 is here:
  • Awesome!
  • @Omer; Did you checked here ?
  • Hi Chris. Could you give more details about how to set MAVlink on APM 2.0? I am doing similar experiments and that may help.
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