APM at the heart of the World First...

...Crowdsourced 3D-Printed QR Code Live Streamed Via Go Pro To A Smart Phone Or Tablet Device Drone Delivery Ticket System Project ...

I was asked to bring this crazy concept to life in just 2 weeks. 

I started with my TBS Disco Pro and tried to talk them out of actually lifting a 3D printer - nope, they wanted a flying 3D printer.

I went through several flight controllers NAZA, KK2 before finally settling on the APM. I'm going to document this fully over the next week.

In case it's not clear this is about getting cynical creative people to a new event.


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  • mP1 - totally understand that you don't care for the video - it was directed at the advertising world. As ludicrous as the premise was, it still had to be built and it still had to fly. The APM was the only flight controller that I found that could handle the uneven weight distribution and crazy aerodynamics without keeling over, yawing or just plain crashing. I'm in the process of writing up the real case studies which hopefully will be helpful to others - I sure learned a lot - the hard way.

  • MR60

    Oh and did they use help from certain plants to do this video or are these people naturally game changers?

  • MR60

    I think we really need a change of the game, you see.

    Remember to be first, do whatever but be the first, lol.

  • This is one of the best send ups of sh*t talkin' ad execs ever. I have met folks that are not too far away from this vid. :-0

  • Awesome! That has changed the game!
  • Quad: This is just a silly nonsense stunt. It just wastes peoples time to read stuff like more than once. Im not trying to be boring i think its just sad that stuff like this gets time.

  • mP1 - I think you are missing point. It was not about pushing the boundaries of UAV technology. This project was about concocting a solid piece of creative with which it's intended market could identify in an engaging and entertaining way.
    The advertising world is ablaze with praise for this video, and with good reason. This 'ad' holds a mirror up to an entire industry, allowing it to have a good laugh at itself. The fact that it is still funny as hell for the rest of us is simply icing on the cake!

  • I dont get it, why is this is even news. Next time somebody carries an orange or lemon or some other random object is that also newsworthy ?

  • amazing

  • Game changer! :-) 

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