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  • Admin

    It clearly mentioned early on that he is using pure RC control, so not much of AP or atleast I could not find much.

  • So awesome! doesnt look like he is using an apm though

  • MR60

    This guy is a genius. I'm amazed his invention has not yet been bought by a big commercial name (or has it?)

  • That rox!

    What about autonomy and mechanical wear? maybe better than copter, but better than plane?

  • FlappybirdPlane? :-D

  • Distributor

    The guys at TechJect should hire this man to get the Dragonfly through the door...

    Techject Inc. | The Robot Dragonfly
    The MARC Basic's all-in-one design makes it one of the smallest and lightest flight controllers (Auto Pilot Systems) on the market. It includes all s…
  • Impressive work ! It really does look like a bird while flying.

    Ornithopters are really an interesting subject, here's another one that can takeoff, fly and land autonomously.

  • there needs to be a glide button or setting

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