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3689413247?profile=originalAnother day, another spectacular upgrade of the APM Mission Planner by Michael Oborne. Today's cool new features in v1.09 includes datalogging, so you can record your missions from the ground and replay them for analysis afterwards. No need to download logs from the board itself; just click one button and you can record as long as you want!

Also, speech synthesis is enabled. No need to watch the screen while your UAV is in the air--your GCS will speak to let you know about waypoints hit or other events. This is a lot like the similar feature in HK GCS except you can't define custom phrases yet they way you can in HK GCS (but at the pace Michael's going that will probably be in by next week!).


You can also set the interface to English or Chinese for the growing Chinese APM user group. Note that the manual has also been translated into Chinese, French and German, all by community members! Yay open source!


Just click update in the Mission Planner to upgrade to the newest version, or you can download it afresh here.

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  • AHHHHH....The MS Voice synthesizer is the problem...the library doesn't understand QHover so it says Q H Over...sadly this confuses me and my peers from France while we are already struggling to understand each other!!!  I guess we need to get used to hearing parts of the words spelled out.  Sorry for the bother, you have built an awesome tool for us!

  • Maybe I missed the thread, but is there a way to save sound files and associate them to specific functions like I can in the OpenTX for Taranis?  I would like to have sound files for the Quadplane modes but don't seem to have those.  I will test again in case I am confused though.

  • Awesome, amazing community. 

  • Developer

    JC, next mp release will have




  • Can we get Distance To Home, as voice feedback as well and maybe RSSI

  • Any way to decrease the interval between voice prompting interval ... currently its 30 seconds, is there a way to make it 20s or 10s or any values for that matter? Thanks.

  • Wow, thanks for the quick reply & continuous improvements to a fine program. Much appreciated!
  • Developer

    next mp version will also have

    {vsp} = vertical speed

  • Developer

    {batp} bat percent

    {batv} bat vltage

    use these in any speech text and it will translate in the correct values.

    currently there is none for vertical speed

  • Any way to get voice feedback for vertical speed? Or battery capacity? What are the strings to use?
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