APM Oilpan Rev. H, Version 1.0 now in production!

The new ArduPilotMega Shield "Hotel' Version 1.0 has finally replaced our old and problematic Foxtrap 2.2, many of the changes are just to accelerate the assembly process and reduce production failure rates, working in conjunction with the very supportive Invensense Team (Thanks guys!).

Note: if you are a user with the current boards, they're fine. The problems were in the production process, which required us to go through extra steps to ensure they passed QA. The new board is more for our sake than yours!

Manufacture changes:
-Improved gyro pads.
-The boards now came with Lead-Free Silver Immersion for an even surface (Turns goldy when baked).
-Added one 0603 resistor pad on voltage divider for automatic machine placement. I should have added it to all the resistors. =/

User Experience:
-Now that is easy to assemble, boards availability will be improved.
-Solder jumpers to optionally enable/disable gyro low pass filters.
-Added labels that suggest where the female headers should be placed.

Bugs fixed:
-Reset button now works under any condition.
-Analog supply for the pressure sensor is now attached to the analog 3.3 voltage regulator.

By the time I wrote this post I still had some Oilpan in stock, please hurry because we are moving to a new warehouse and we may be out for around one week again, just in time to start production with our new Japanese made Manncorp 7722V. Many thanks to the Mancorp team that is also located next to us in San Diego,CA!

Eagle Files:



Also many thanks to Star Wars (TM)!
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  • Ok Thanks. I have soldered the board to the APM and connected it to the configurator and everything looks ok. Must just wait for my ESC's now to test everything.
  • Developer
    MB1380, I think you have misunderstood that text or maybe text was meant for something else. But those resistors are for voltage dividers close to relay. Data flash is soldered on other end of the pcb.

    So if you want to measure your battery voltage, solder one of resistors on voltage divider block and then you can connect small wire from it's pin to your main battery +. You can either use ready made softwares to measure voltage or write your own.
  • Sure, here it is. Maybe it was a board which was returned before?
  • Developer
    Can you please send me a top picture of the PCB? The resistors (3.9K) are optional resistor for the voltage divider to monitor LIPO cells, is something else.

  • Yes its brand new. The sticker says " Data Flash Resistor not soldered on board" on the back and there were 4 normal (not smd) resistors enclosed in the box also....
  • Developer
    MB1280, Sorry I can understand your question, is your board brand new? Or you send it back for repairs?
  • Just got one of these boards and there is a sticker on it saying that the Data Flash resistor has not been soldered to the board and there are some resistors enclosed. Where does this resistor go?
  • The switch below the voltage dividers came of when I unplugged the usb cable. I think solders are not strong enough. Maybe it can be glued to the board before soldering.
  • Developer
    Is to enable/disable the low pass filters...
  • OK, so about the filters again. I understand the added flexibility for the 3-D accel, thats great!.Ive also noticed jumper pads for the xy gyro. I assume this is to add the same flexibility..?
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