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Development is really hotting up for fixed wing and quadplanes! I've just released 3.7.1 and I plan on releasing the first beta of the major 3.8.0 release in the next week.
The 3.7.1 release fixes some significant bugs reported by users since the 3.7.0 release. Many thanks for all the great feedback on the release from users!
The 3.8.0 release includes a lot more new stuff, including a new servo mapping backend and a new persistent auto-trim system that is makes getting the servo trim just right a breeze.
Happy flying!

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  • S.Bus2

    Does any of the firmware versions support Futaba S.Bus2. That has RSSI that could be easily read by a Pixhawk. It would be nice to get RSSI readout from my R7008SB receiver.

  • I would like to start out by saying thank you tridge for your tireless efforts on getting things released. Just today tested APM Plane 3.8.0b5 using quadplane support as well as just as a fixed wing. We tested quadplane support using a Ex-Ranger 737 conversion and regular APM Plane using a skywalker 1880. The issue of the quadplane motors surging on RTL has been remedied using 3.8.0b5 instead of using 3.7.1, what a great releif that made. Seems that 3.8.0b5 has got to be very very close to being released soon I would imagine. I was very very pleased for the results, tomorrow we will work on getting RTK GPS inject up and running on the quadplane code!!! Again thanks to Tridge and all the dev team that has been working on these! Here are a few videos for your enjoyment, more will follow tomorrow when I have less moving parts to keep track of and can focus on some quality shots and a full recorded auto mission, that way you can see for yourself the fixes that has happened!

  • Great project. and congralution on your flight . Thnak you for sharing the video. I have couple of questions please reply on this which apm hardware model you have? How did you install the 3.5.0 to it?


  • 100KM

    Fantastic news, thank you so much!! Servo mapping and the new auto trim sounds like another major leap forward! Thanks Tridge & team!!

  • in time, ill have diyd's most intense quadpane. probably the world's

  • Just great!
    Many thanks for the hard work!
  • Wow, that's really awesome Tridge

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