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makeflyeasy commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Lovely story about a poor kid in rural China who sells exquisite models of Chinese planes for almost no profit
"the future of possible"
Jun 6, 2017
makeflyeasy commented on Hugues's blog post How does precision GPS work ( DGNSS , RTK , SBAS , PPP ) ?
May 13, 2017
makeflyeasy replied to Damo's discussion Continue Mission when transmitter is switched off in ArduPlane User Group
"your transmitter should set keep PWM value when closed"
Jan 5, 2017
makeflyeasy replied to Abolo's discussion RC plane Parachute tool and configuration in ArduPlane User Group
"good work"
Jan 5, 2017
makeflyeasy commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.7.1 released and 3.8.0 beta nearly ready for testing
Dec 13, 2016
makeflyeasy posted a discussion
I bought a pair of RDF900 radio,but it doesn't work now.Maybe it is burnt out .I want to mend it,but i don't find schematic.I find max2235 and SI1002 datasheet, but i don't know layout.I don't know some components,who can help me?? thank you very…
Sep 21, 2016
makeflyeasy commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane 3.6.0 released
"Fixed wing, please support automatically open parachute?
I know copter support automatically open parachute .
Thanks again and great work."
Aug 25, 2016
makeflyeasy commented on Ryan Vu's blog post INF Jupiter JM-1 Flight Controller
"easy to use"
Aug 24, 2016