APM Planner 2.0 RC2 Update



It's been a busy two weeks over the New Year, adding new features to APM Planner 2.0 and fixing some of the issues raised. The current changes include

  • Better handling of missions with Waypoint 0 being marked as the HOME location
  • Improvements to dataflash log analysis
  • Performance improvements to reduce CPU overhead
  • Extra GPS parameters viewable on the map as a overlay
  • Update to APM:Plane PIDs display
  • Layout corrections to APM:Rover
  • plus many other small fixes

Thanks for all the great feedback, more improvements to come

Download from here

Please ask questions here

Please report issues here

The AP2 Team

Have a great weekend

PS: Next release we will try and add autoupdates as this will be the best way to notify users of new changes

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  • Just tried APM Planner 2 for the first time! It's a dream come true! All the best things about mission planner and qgroundcontrol together! And I can run it natively on Ubuntu! I was getting really sick of all the mono runtime bugs in mission planner. Thanks so much, devs!

  • HELP! APM planner 2 Gimbal setup

    Hi, I have managed to get a 2-axis servo gimbal working but only through the advanced parameters list. I found

    that when i used the camera gimbal page i couldnt get the tilt to reverse, I changed it in adv. params but then as soon as i went back to the cam gimbal page it would be moving the wrong way again, even after i had written the parameters to the quadcopter. I have both axis going the right way now but im using 180 degree servos so they are over correcting. How can i turn down the servo so that it doesant over correct?
    Thanks in advance :?

  • Wow how did I completely miss this release! I've been using windows version for years wondering if a mac version would ever be available and now I see a 2.0! I have to stop flying so much and check out the forums once in a while ;) Thanks Bill and whoever else made this happen!!!

  • Developer

    @archelle: Google Maps API changed, and in some locations its not serving up the maps the same as before. It works for me, but others see a outline map only. I'm investigating a fix

    I have, however added to next release of AP2 that it now remembers your last selection option (zoom level, type, lat/long)

    If you have any other questions please raise them here on Thx

  • 3D Robotics

    @archelle: that's been temporarily disabled due to a change in the Google Maps API. That is a listed issue here

  • hi.. on the apm planner tab. its okay i can choose google hybrid. but after i change on flight data Tab. i can see. not google hybrid data. how i can change that into google hybrid view? thanks much!

  • Developer

    You can select map type from the 'options' button in the lower right of the map view. You can only select 'hybrid' view currently, but we can add away to select  'map', 'Hybrid' or Satellite if that is what you are requesting?

  • by the way. in apm 1. planner. how to change google earth hybrid on the main mission display? i can only change google hybrid on mission planner only. hope anyone can help. thanks!

  • Nice job Bill, thanks.

    As a suggestion, it would be great to have a ‘logbook view’ ie some way of checking the log files, extracting the ones that are clearly a flight and having a summary in a pilot logbook style. Just stuff like date, location and duration would be a good start.

    Keep up the good work.

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