APM Planner 2.0 RC5 Update


Just a small update and notification for user of APM Planner 2.0. We have a new release candidate available for people to try. You can find the downloads here 

In this release we have almost 50 fixes & improvements (and we have more to come)

If you are looking for specific fix or change, check the changes_rc5.txt

Thanks everybody whose downloaded used, tested or given feedback.

For support please post your questions here on 

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  • @mP1:

    1- On github Mission Planner, no ource code for this version.

    2- This seems to be developed on c++ and not c#.

    So, i think it is a project different than original gcs, plz comfirm @Bill

  • @hassan

    This is MP v2. Its the next mission planner. Pretty sure you will find its source in the usual place.

  • @Bill, Does this is open source like MP?

  • Bill, is it also available as  pre-compiled  for Linux ?

  • @Bill Yeah i know that i can go to the menu, but the icon in the top write corner would be a lot easier 

  • Developer

    @DAvid: You can enter full screen by enabling the advanced menu and then pressing CTRL-RETURN. To go back to normal you will need to select the menu item Views -> Normal

    This isn't standard for OSX behaviour, but will come when we upgrade to Qt5.x

  • Developer

    Please note if you install to a Windows 64 machine you will need to ignore this error.


  • Developer

    It will be awhile before auto update is possible, but what do you mean no full screen?

  • Auto update and full screen still isn't available? 

This reply was deleted.