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    @Ellison, that's the problem: Watch their video and read all the scope of their project trying to found those infos. Just the hidden FAQ has a shadow of those important notes. Much probably if they were not so ambiguous the polemic would not exist. I hope they could edit the post and video to clarify they're acting as qualified distribution and consulting of third parts.

    Anyway, think with me... if you want to sell it to non skilled guys, the first thing to do is sell it assembled and tested like JDrones, 3DRobotics and UDrones do. That makes real difference and quickly justifies the cost.

    Well, that's just my opinion. I hope they can make their customers happy by truly personal service, assistance and support so, their project will be successful. I wish them sincere good luck.

  • Well, here's what the Kellie Sigler said about her Kickstart project:

    Hi Ellison!

    Thanks for your note, we are huge fans of diyd and APM! APM is absolutely a brilliant piece of 
    work and all of the devs are great people!

    About the pricing, you can have cheap or good - usually not both - but the copter is not really 
    developed for the DIY RC community, and those are the people who really don't need our help 
    anyway! We wanted to make a bot for AP and scientific purposes, so we're VERY concerned about safety and we chose high quality, overspec'd parts. $350 barely covers the motors (HQ350w) and escs (HQ50a) we chose, and doesn't account for losses which are invariable, or the inevitable warranty claims that we have to absorb. We want to offer the end user exceptional service with fast replacements for warranty issues and no questions asked..we fix the problem period.

    Tack on to that:

    6kmah lipo 
    CF Frame 
    Spares kit 
    Lipo firebag 
    Shipping of parts 
    Shipping to end user 
    Losses for all of these parts 
    No Questions warranty/return shipping 
    Comprehensiven pictorial instructions 
    Personal service and online assistance

    Which is causing me to wonder if we're charging enough haha. Seriously, I've shot myself in the foot before because I'm anything but a cheapskate...

    Anyway, I hope that helps!


  • The triangles (gussets) on the arms are great but if wrecked they may cost much to replace.

    I prefer circular arms. They have all the triangles inside them at a given pressure to break.

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    @T. CHOICE. These guys stolen got their chance by using the kind of design we much probably cannot produce by ourselves. I mean it would be a freaking awesome kickstarter project IF it were about bring with that frame. About your frame --with all the respect, please-- I think it's pure ingenuity if you think on getting donations to bring with another "DIY like" frame with all the well known rounded square shapes with clamped tubes, bolts and nuts. Your frame is great... just not so eye-candy stuff.

    I believe if some "kick starter" wants to "start kicking"... it will need to breaking a sweat to design something really consistent with a final product look... just as the start.

    @Penpen:Yep, there are lots of overpriced ones out there. But, man... it's different with Xaircraft. They are offering a honest industrial quality and design by a rational use of molded plastic parts, natural rubber, fiber glass, carbon fiber and alloy. And, most important: by an affordable price. It's almost impossible to compare any DIY frame.with that finishing and resources. I believe it would be a hard thing trying to beat their price by the value.

    That's the frame I bought few weeks ago ($200):

  • It's not only the "kickstarter case" as i said before... The kickstarter's frame is clairly overpriced, but many many frame kit are overpriced too. Making a replica of the "goodluckbuy" X525 cost me less than 10€ with 3mm plywood and less than 15€ with 3mm acrylic or carbon fiber. A bag of screw at local shop and 1.50meter of 10/12mm squared aluminium pipe, less than 5€. Unfortunatelly, I havent' some fablabs near me, with free acces to cnc, laser cutting and other sweet tools that can lower the price. So, a complete x525, plywood version cost 15€ and acryclic/fiber glass cost 20€, and those prices are "profit-included", so it is a correct price for the seller too.... Why nude frame kit are 150-250-300 € ? Even with10%/15% for profit, 10/15% for the orignal idea/concept/drawing, the equation is still unbalanced and overpriced.

  • maybe I should just buy a kit and try again? 

  • Very sad, I gave kickstarter a try and was turned down, my quadcopter is my own custom design..all of it! just the flight controller and esc , were off the shelf. I was told that such a project like a quadcopter did not fit kickstarter's guidelines

  • Would have been the only woman on the planet building a multicopter if it was real.  All she's doing is reselling a frame.

  • And on another note... man, I wish I'd have known about those nice Xaircraft frames before Christmas, I'd have bought one!

  • That's what I was thinking.  The $20 board from Hobby King or something.

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