[UPDATE: This project is now being ported to a proper Google Code repository and manual. For instructions, start there. You can also join the ArduRover User Group here.]

Hello to ALL, the new firmware for APMRover v2 has been tested successfully on my rover on may 1st, 2012 on full autonomous reco mission following a navigation plan. This new release of the APMRover v2 works on the APM v1.4 with the OilPan shield (magnetometer + MT3329 GPS) and also of course on the APM v2. The previous version of the APMRover v1.0 was a light size version specially designed for the APM1280 CPU (only) board and the MT3329 GPS.


For the frame, I have used a Traxxas Monster Jam Grinder with a brushed and high power motor Titan 12T and its XL-5 ESC.

The APMrover UGV is able to run itself following a list of recorded waypoints. The waypoints list (FPL) can be preloaded with the APM Mission Planner OR better in live, recorded by the pilot himself (with the SW7) during a manual run and then replayed in a full autonomous mission.





The firmware APMrover2 for APM v1 + OilPan or APM v2 successfully tested can be downloaded HERE

The APMrover v2 is also online on the official ArduPilot-Mega GIT repository HERE

Below the PID setup for the APMrover v1 and v2:


The light firmware APMrover1 for APM v1 (CPU 1280 or 2560) that I have tested can be downloaded HERE 

Here's how to connect your cables:


More infos at:

Have Fun and Enjoy with the APMrover...

Regards, Jean-Louis

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  • Great JL.  I've had to rob my rover's receiver to put in a new heli, but I have another one on the way! :)

    What I'd really love to build is an amphibious 8 wheeled robot.  There's no reason why the APM Rover would not work on water too.


    In fact, I can see no reason why somebody could not use the APM Rover code on a boat right now.  Right JL?

  • Developer

    Hello to All,

    You will find the APMrover v2.0c dual at:

    it can be used with full kit APM2560 (Oilpan + GPS MT3329 + magnetometer HMC5883L) or with the APM v2.

    You need to choose your setup in the APM.Config.h

    #define LITE  DISABLED   

    // if LITE is ENABLED, you may use an APM1280 or APM2560 CPU only (IMU less) withonly  a GPS MT3329
    // if LITE is DISABLED, this is for a full APM v1 (Oilpan + GPS MT3329 + Magnetometer HMC5883L) or the APM v2

    Regards, Jean-Louis

  • @Martin: I don't see why one couldn't get the code to pause at waypoints; maybe even future versions can use RFID sensors.  Not sure how or if the GCS would need to get a plugin to handle this/these feature(s)...  Certainly opens up the creative juices and maybe will stimulate others to come on board and get a UGV robustly developed even sooner!

  • My original robot is just not agile enough to perform outside of the halls of university ;)  Thanks to many who posted on here--you've convinced me that I want to play with this feature of a UGV but will instead be switching to a 1/8 scale rock crawler frame.

    This will make a fun summertime project.  I'll save the tedious stuff for the big 'bot and let this one be more recreational.

  • Greetings,

    Two questions I've no doubt others are pondering:
    RTK GSP - if the APM2 on a rover is feed data from an RTK GPS (achievable with $$$ on a ground vehicle), can we expect to achieve ~1" repeat pass accuracy similar to modern precision agriculture systems.
    Pause at waypoints - I understand the Mission Planner can program a solenoid to be turned on and off at particular waypoints.  However, is there a method by which we could pause a rover at a particular waypoint until some external hardware has completed a task.  For example, APM2 pauses and sends a signal to external hardware, external hardware completes a task after which it sends a signal to APM2 to proceed to the next waypoint.
    If these two things are possible, I can think of a million and one applications for an APM2 powered Rover in Agriculture and Agricultural research.  
    Thank you in advance for your answers to these questions, I am really looking forward to them.  Sorry if they have already been addressed in the forum, I have spend a long time looking and cannot find a suitable answer.
  • wow Jean, that is great job....

  • Developer

    Hello Petrus,

    I am thinking about the steering of your model...

    You may also use a programmable mixer like the RC SM2 mixer.

    look at:


    Regards, Jean-Louis

    Desert RC SM2 Description
  • Developer

    Hello Petrus,

    Woow, you have a very well build and designed model, congratulations. Of course, it is fully possible to use the APMrover v2.0 for steering your tank, so, I write on my DOLIST a dual motors mixer for steering your model...

    Thanks also to all for your encouraging comments,

    Have fin with the APMrover


  • compliments for your efforts Mr. Jean-Luis. I'm building a 1/8 rock creewler with 4 steering wheels. In this case what I've to do for control the 4 wheels? I mean for exemple the two in front of the car turn to the right and the two in the back must turn to the left in the mean time. I've ardupilot mega 2560 complete system plus sonar (I think the sonar is not enable now). Can you help me? may be other people need the same control !!!!

    Thank you very much, this is a realy good proget to develop !!!!!

  • Very nice project, I wish to incorporate this into my 1/10 scale tank. Steps from here will be to firstly add it to my Tamiya Blackfoot and then sort it to go into the tank

    I have an APM 1280 full kit. The only difference between the tank and any other RC car is that I have used an Vantec RDFR controller. for dual motors steering. All channels are the same a per rc Cars. Exeption is a 360 degree turret housing a paintball gun


    Thoughts? 3692273878?profile=original

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