Ardu Gaui Copter

Waiting for my new copter legs I decided to see how the Jani copter could be adapted. The frame fits very well on the Gaui. I still have parts to add to the top but it works. I tried larger motors and 10" props but I need to raise two of the motors for this to work. So the picture shows the standard 10a esc and Gaui motors

Sonar and IR to follow. I liked the esc calibration of the Gaui so I have implemented this in my ardu copter code. This means the copter will not start if you have never calibrated the esc's and after that will not start if throttle is not in the lowest position.

Next job automatic PID adjustment!

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  • i manage to change the whole APM and olipan but now i cannot arm the motors. Weird. When i have done calibration and follow all the procedure. All change need to be done on the Alpha_rc1 code

  • What pid values did you set?

    Did you calibrate each esc as per ardupcopter wiki?
  • I manage to do arm and configure using configurator. But it went wild when take off, it wil flip over and crash immediately after take off? What could happen?
  • By the way, be careful when you arm the motors with AP. It will spin the props. Hold throttle lowest most left to disarm
  • AP is armed by holding throttle to lowest most right position for 200ms
  • I have a Gaui 330xs setup and decided to plug in ardupilot mega for better perform. But the esc and motor seems to be not working when connected to the mega.

    I have follow the calibration for each esc (all motor and esc is working with rx) but when plug in to mega no respond from the esc. Unable to arm the motor too.
    Can help me?
  • Unfortunately one of the esc and morors packed up before I got any stablility that why I would like some auto pid adjustment system :) I thought about fitting 10" props but it would mean two props have to be raised due to overlap. If you do get a stable system I will be keen to hear about. Best of luck
  • i have this setup but I ca't get a stable flight. can you tell me you pid setting please
  • I am skilled at breaking things and crashing so maybe well qualified :)
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    It should be pretty straight-forward to determine whether there is uncommanded motion on the airframe-- If motion detected and no radio input then adjust loop. Now, detecting the period of oscillation, etc. for a more advanced tuner could be tricky. I'm very curious what will be implemented. Just don't let me have a go! :)
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