ArduCAM OSD v2.0 - Update your MinimOSD!



Good news!

The beauty of this community is on the collaboration. This new firmware proves it.
I have the pleasure of announcing that "ArduCAM OSD" and "MinimOSD-Extra" teams are now working together to make MinimOSD better and better.
I've been planning this fusion with Gábor Zóltan and Pedro Santos and we've started a nice friendship.
We spend the latest days merging and retouching everything to improve your experience with the new firmware. The Wiki was also updated for matching the new resources.



What's up?

You'll se all those awesome improvements from MinimOSD-Extra as well as improvements we made together.
The latest one is the new auto detection and updating of the EEPROM mapping .
From now on both OSD Firmware and ArduCAM OSD Config Tool will share the same internal signature.
So, both will detect the need for an EEPROM remapping preventing from loading or saving truncated data.
After a firmware upgrading the OSD Config Tool will detect an outdated mapping updating it automatically.
If you update your firmware by other way, the new firmware will alert you on screen and the Config Tool will repair automatically before you load anything from the EEPROM.

Update your MinimOSD right now. The most important: Have fun!

Important NOTES:

  • After install the new "ArduCAM OSD Config Tool" remember that you need to update the Character Set. A new one is available on the install folder. From now on it will be always there as "OSD_Charset.mcm". 
  • Both sides of the MinimOSD need to be powered during a Character Set updating. Max7456's internal memory is really picky about voltage level during a charset update.

Download it from here:

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  • My MinimOSD is working fine, but I had a question.

    What is the latest firmware, and charset? I went over to the -Extra site and found that it was more recently updated. That download also seems to have three separate *.mcm files. I'm wondering which one is appropriate, along with which version of the firmware. Is it the one at the top of this thread?

    A slightly smaller problem, I'm using it with a Walkera Tali H500, and it looks like the F12E radio's FPV raster screen is slightly cropped in overscan. This means that the humble character generator is happily creating characters and icons at the edge of the screen that are only semi-visible.

    I wonder if I can modify my copy of the source to change the Max chargen chip's configuration to move its screen matrix around within the video field. It's fine on the left, but slightly cropped on the top, bottom, and right. By about 5 pixels each.

    The workaround is to simply use the config editor to scoot all the display field inwards on the top, right and bottom, but this does waste quite a bit of space, so a sub-character adjustment would be preferable.

    Looking at the svn repo max7456.h and .cpp it appears it might be possible. I guess the chip's datasheet would provide the true answer...

  • Agreed.  Where's the latest firmware?

    I purchased the Minimosd from 3D Robotics the other day.  I have everything working, but I can't configure my panel settings due to the following error.  "Failed to upload new config data".  Note:  My FTDI cable is plugged in and communicating. 

  • Where is the firmware? The zip-file in the arducam-osd download area doesn't contain any hex file.

  • what happened? i see the latest build for minimosd in 2012 and mimimosd-extra as jan 2013.

  • Hi, has any one solved the issues with Panel 2 yet?

    Mine is nothing like its configured. Random panels all over it.

    Using latest firmware etc...



  • failed to talk to bootloader minim osd and mavlink osd is all I get when I trie to update firmware or settings

    have tried two diferent ftdi interfaces that work ok on my gps etc but not these two osds,

    the update charr set apears to work ok.

    has anyone the full source in a zip to try arduino if not other way


  • Hi, I have the "usual" garbled character set problem.

    However at the startup screen, the battery symbols, the translation and rotation arrows and the degrees symbol all show perfectly!! That indicated to me that the EEPROM got programmed okay after all but the problem is elsewhere. Or?



  • Cancel that I just been down the part to fly and sure enough overspeed again.. Does anyone have a solid solution???

  • Overspeed issue fix for me was to:

    Clear the eprom

    Reflash the firmware

    Upload the Character set

    Rewrite the settings for each page in the config tool (I think this was the step that seemed to fix it..)

    Hope this helps someone.


  • Hi,

    I am having the overspeed issue. Can anyone tell me if there is a fix and if so where to find it please..



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