Arducopter 2.0.40 preview


3689422739?profile=originalJust got back from testing the latest version. I'm having great luck with it.


Improved alt hold: Look for about twice the accuracy for altitude hold than the previous 2.0.40 preview. It's really good and the motors don't pulse as hard as they did before.


Loiter looks great and has the wind compensation turned on now by default. It wasn't enabled before.

RTL is running very smooth. Circle mode needs some work. Installing this will cause you to go through an initial setup process using the CLI. Be sure to setup your radio, level, enable the compass, set declination and enable sonar, etc.


Feedback is appreciated.


Note: This version is no longer compatible with the Mission Planner. Some internals have changed. I'll work with Michael Oborne to get it connected and updatable through the Planner.





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    Denny: we know. See the post on the front page. 

  • Mission Planner 1.0.68 has a problem with down load 

    0 downloads at the moment

  • I downloaded .42 and did some testing of althold and loiter.  YAAY!  It works great.  Sonar hold is best I have ever seen, no pulsing but very snappy response to alt changes (it precisely 'walks' down stairs).  Loiter seemed good as well - sometimes it would wander a couple of meters, but it often hung right in.

    You Da Man Jason!   I am dying to try waypoints now.

  • Jason it works great. I downloaded 42. Had to add the Mega to ArduCopter(Mega) pde. The bouncing is smoother and has less distance. Also noticed there is more proportion gain to play with for the Alt pid. It is a great accomplishment having drifting transducers try to hold a drifting copter. An averaging method would work but use more memory. Now I have to find the option to turn off the compass to simple controls when using Alt hold mode. Roll and pitch reverse when followed and turned 180. Neat if you want to stand one direction in one place.

  • At the moment, I think it is only available at the downloads section:



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    Is 2.0.41 not available via the mission planner yet? I just tried to update the mission planner and it still have firmware 2.0.40


  • I've got 2.0.41 running and I'll test tuning NAV_P with ch6 as soon as the weather is a bit more tolerable. Thanks!

  • Jason, what were the symptoms with 2.0.40 ?

    My stock quad, soldered pads, foam on the baro, is a pleasure to fly?

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    Try 2.0.41 with Baro, you should see a big improvement!


    Helldesk, try the new Nav_P control or the waypoint_speed_max values for tuning down the Loiter. For you it seems one of these, prob Nav_P is too high or too low. You can also turn the Iterms to 0 to help you tune.


  • I loaded the v41 (with alt_hold bug fix) and no more pulsating motors...

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