ArduCopter 3.1 auto-landing in strong winds

I'm very impressed by how my newly built Tarot t960 performed an autolanding in relatively strong winds with ArduCopter 3.1. I haven't spent so much time tuning the copter but the auto-landing was quite impressive. Landed back at the exact same spot where it took off. Winds were about 25km/h.

Thanks to the development team.

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  • Unfortunately, I didnt document the build, however, feel free to ask me info about anything. Im not an expert but I will give you all the information I have.

  • Do you have your build detailed anywhere?  I am building up a T960 and wanted to see how things went for you.

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    Don't forget to blow clean the motors when flown from sand ( bad when gets into moving surfaces).


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    Very nice, Chris. You must have a nice build to compliment AC!
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