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  • I believe the Arducopter code doesn't currently have camera compensation?
  • Developer
    Max, very nice video. Congrats!
    Why you're not using your self-stabilized tilt-bank camera mount with it?
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    I have RCtimer 2830-13 850KV(10X4.7) motors and i get about 20min flight time on 3S 5000mAh, (my AC is about 1.6 kg overall), but it not that sporty, with BC2836-11 750KV (10X4.7) it's crazy power :) (still trying to tune PIDs for 12X3.8 on this motors :( )
    I'm want to try BC2836-11 750KV (10X4.7) on 4S 5000mAh, it should go CRAZY :)
    All flying in the video is Stable Mode, i don't see any reason to go Acro, maybe for loops :)

    I planning on making my frame easy to change from X to + or build another one for + mode only, and just switch AMP from on to another, then i'll go Acro. (just need to get more props)

    Thanks to AC Team, this is fun !!!
  • A bit nervous, so I guess it's RC not AP ...
  • @Ramon, I have been using 1200Kv RC timers on my KapteinKuk mini quad. I have beat them up so bad and they still perform. I am waiting for some 750Kv to arrive in the mail for my Arducopter build.
  • This is a great video!! I was thinking of getting a GoPro also. Is it realy the best cam out there for the price?
  • what about those rc timer motors?, really good for the price?, the have good reviews..
  • @Dan: The title of the post says its a GoPro HD.

    @Max: Good lord thats STELAR. Some wicked video and amazing flying. Makes me want to get my quad in the air this weekend. And re-affirms that I want to get a Hero HD. Nice stuff. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing.

  • I know , i was asking if he shot the video with the GoPro .
  • @Dan, GoPro is a really small HD video camera
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