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Thomas Mueller commented on Max Levine's blog post ArduCopter Alpha & GoPro HD
"A bit nervous, so I guess it's RC not AP ..."
Oct 26, 2010
Thomas Mueller commented on Krzysztof Bosak's blog post A Milestone: single-button UAV for photomapping - The Pteryx
"It looks nice ... 8.900 Euro is a nice price too ;-)"
Oct 25, 2010
Thomas Mueller posted a blog post
... surfing around and looking for the "big brothers in the sky" ... found (very) interesting details about the us-american drones ...I guess the link will be closed soon ...http://www.0x4d.net/files/AF1/R11%20Segment%2014.pdf
Oct 22, 2010
Thomas Mueller commented on Pete Hollands's blog post Camera Targeting with MatrixPilot and the UAV DevBoard
"That is a really great development and rather useful then sparkling led and aerobatic stunts ;-)
I will implement the same feature to my GluonPilot/EasyStar/Kodak Zx1.
@Pete: do you still use the standard lens on your camera or do you use any…"
Oct 21, 2010
Thomas Mueller commented on Jani Hirvinen's blog post ArduCopter Development & Production news--Pre-orders now starting!
"#59 for Switzerland"
Oct 21, 2010
Thomas Mueller commented on Ramon L's blog post KK Quadrocopter - Devil Inside ... from warthox
"When it is flown by AP, I would be really impressed ..."
Oct 21, 2010