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  • Any person have the MQ-1 Cutaway?
    Please send me
  • @Gary And thank you for the link to the Register. Same story but a different viewpoint.
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    @ Kevin thanks for that Fast Company link, I think I'm going to loose several hours in that site.
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    Funny how the same thing gets reported in different ways ;-)

    CIA used 'illegal, inaccurate code to target kill drones'
    'They want to kill people with software that doesn't work'
  • I came across this article on a lawsuit involving Predator operating software:

    I suspect it's all about money and the parties will come to an agreement.
  • Major Marcy worked on it. She probably knows a lot more than we do.
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    This operator probably should have been paying attention to it
  • The nose camera, item 1, seems to be located in a good spot to view the yaw string.
    That might make for a neat open source project.
    Possibly use a gumstix overo with a camera to monitor the yaw string,
    send the sideslip angle out the uart to the autopilot...could be useful for gliders.
  • Maybe the yaw string can be seen by the nose camera (#1 in the first photo).
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    Thats a good point... no pilot, nor any camera...huh.
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