This video shows the accuracy of the IMU, is the demonstration that the ArduCopter code has achieved a great stability.
The bottles simulate huge variations in weight and trim, quad always tries to maintain his seat during the flight but also in changes in weight when cut with scissors each bottle (at the end).
I had already tried before with four bottles in one of my quad and I was quite sure what I was doing, but it's always interesting to add items to these challenges.
The specifications of this quad are in the video description.
Please note that these experiments can be many dangerous, multicopter is not a toy, i know i'm crazy (in a good way), anyway don'
t try to emulate me!


-= AC Dev Team =-

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  • Hi Marco,

    Love your work. Could you upload your params files with your posts so we can see what is needed to gte this sort of self levelling working. I have tried to play with the PID's and found it tricky to get a model with CofG out (Gopro mounted on the front) to stay level.

  • Developer

    Yes Ben, is optimized for MPU6000.

  • Amazing!

    Seeing the awesome evolution of the Arducopter code I was wondering how long until the APM V1.4 becomes redundant due to code optimized for the APM2.5 hardware?

    Im still running a couple of 1.4's and Im curious whether their code and hardware have been "maxed out" in light of the 2.5 with the MPU etc.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • So is this FC better the the APM2.5? would it handle the same?

  • Even with the perfect tongue angle, 1 eye closed, perfect PID tuning, standing next to it in hover/loiter mode still looks like chasing a hat in the wind. 

  • Developer

    Merci Daniel!

  • Bonjour Marco

    Moi,si je fais ça! ?

    je remplace la casquette par le casque de chantier !!!

    Excellent comme d'habitude,vos tests sont que du bonheur



  • Developer

    Thanks all!
    @Carlos: yes, approx 1.2 Kg of water.

  • That's brilliant, guys. Thanks for sharing.

  • Excellent demonstration! Thank you!


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