Arducopter build

3689489387?profile=originalI've been building a new Arducopter recently. Here are the ingredients:

  • RC Timer X650 frame (with Xaircraft cowl iso the supplied transparent dome)
  • RC Timer 30A ESCs with SimonK firmware
  • AX-2810Q 750KV motors with integrated prop adapters
  • GF1245 (12x4.5) props
  • APM2 with disabled GPS
  • LEA-6H GPS
  • XBee 2.4 (will be replaced with XRF module)
  • FrSky RC transmitter (8ch)
  • 3S 4000mAh battery

This setup is intended for hovering and endurance. Although I did not select the parts on color, I like the fact that it is all black ;-) A camera mount will be added to the setup after the initial test flights. Some things encountered during the build:

  • Weight: 1129gr (without battery), 1447gr (with battery)
  • Although space is available near the motor mounts for ESCs, this will only hold smaller ESCs. I decided to mount the ESCs under the cowl.
  • The arms can be folded in for transport. The legs are removable, but doing this often might weaken or break the plastic clamps I fear (see next point).
  • The curved landing gear legs are made of fairly stiff plastic, I will probably add some rubber bands or wire between the legs to prevent them from bending out too far.
  • The supplied transparent dome is nice, but the cowl from the Xaircraft original on which this frame is based looks way better in my opinion. It is lower and wider than the dome though.
  • Another advantage of the cowl over the dome is that the cowl locks the arms in place in both normal and folded configurations.
  • Compared to the Xaircraft original this kit misses one part: a relatively small rectangular piece of carbon intended as 'battery tray'.
  • The motors are low-kv, and are selected due to similar performance to other pancake-style motors. 


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  • I did an indoor endurance test last week, with the following configuration:

    • Props: APC 14x4.7
    • LiPo: 5000mAh 4S
    • Payload: Gimbal + GoPro in protective casing, 100mw 5.8GHz video Tx + DPC-171 cam

    Battery consumed: 4666mAh
    Flight time: 800s

    As you can see in the graphs below, throttle increases steadily from 40% to 60% during the flight. Current is around 17A. I'll post the total weight of the payload when I get around to measuring it.



  • Sorry for that, so far i haven´t got anny accident with mine and i did remove the APM from my Quad, i will try to fly it with the KK 5.5 board because i ask a lot of people for help because of the PID setups and.......nothing!

  • Not much news due to bad weather here in NL. I did find the weak spot in the frame though:

    3692593603?profile=originalThe motor mount broke after a hard landing. I'm glad I didn't install the ESCs on the motor mount by the way... I'm very happy with the overall strength of the frame and the skids.

  • I have almost the same setup but... i connot takeoff!! The quad starts to go to front of me at 1 meter high :( I dont know how to correct this. Anny help!

  • Any more news?

  • I'm flying with the (default) settings I also used to fly my 3DR frame. I do notice some wobble when doing a fast descend, but I guess this is more due to prop wash than a configuration issue. I will be adding some FPV equipment shortly. 


  • Will need to check PID settings when I get home (am flying with the default values with no adjustments) and repost later.

    Spec, Hobbywing 30A ESC's, KD2213 924Kva 17A motors, carbon fiber 10x4 props, 4s1p 4000mah lipo, ImmersionRC video tx and ezosd, ion air pro HD camera, xbee telemetry tx. AUW just under 2Kg.

    Wobbles, didn't notice any on the maiden flight. 

  • Any wobble on fast descend?

  • What your flying spec..?

  • What is your PID seting for your Q650 ?

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