ArduCopter GoPro 2-Axis Camera-mount


ArduCopter factory is  pleased to release first camera mount to famous ArduCopter frames. 


This camera-mount fits on all original ArduCopter Quads and Hexas made by jDrones. It has 2 controllable axis that is supported already on ArduCopter software. Miniature ball bearings on all hinge locations. Custom made aluminum nuts to ensure proper mounting of the parts. 2 adjustable push rods with all linkage balls and ball links.


With mount plates this camera mount can be fitted to all Tri, Quad, Hexa and other future frames. On request we can make plates even for other frames.


3689431887?profile=originalMaterial: Fiberglass

Weight: 88 gr (includes mount plate and 9g servos)

Servos: 9g-12g (not included)

Frames: Quad, Hexa


Deliveries for these mounts will start on end of 2nd week of November and it can be purchased first from jDrones directly and later on from all jDrones distributors around the world.


Store link: ArduCopter GoPro 2-Axis camera-mount


Don't forget to have correct mount plate to your frame.

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  • Nice product. I like the well engineered rubber band to attach the camera :-) Is there any more photos or video showing operation?
  • Moderator

    Speaking of Ardupilot being open source, I posted a couple of days ago here, asking if anyone knows where I can find the current schematics for the oilpan/IMU as the ones linked on the store are for version F, the store is selling version H.


    Also it seems that the magnetometer does not have any eagle files, the files are only posted in pdf form.  


    I cant seem to find the latest eagle files for these two products anywhere.  But i guess maybe the guys at teh store have forgotten to update the links, would be nice to get them updated though.

  • Yes, there are no camera mount drawings yet. I would like to know if they will ever be published?

  • Drawings of Arducopter are here:

    But there are no mounts yet...

  • Ivan,

    I don't know the details, but this is my understanding: APM and it's software is open source, possibly the frames and other parts too. But nothing stops you from selling "closed source" hardware either. So it can be either way.

  • I thought Aducopter is opensource, but I don't see the published plans for this mount. Is there a change of policy?

  • Dear investors , sellers and resellers,
      Retail price of this Gizmo must be up to $20, no more.
     Good Luck with your ideas
  • Without taking any sides, I just want to say that having these kind of arguments here within the community is not a good idea imho. We, the customers, are always happy to have more options - if the manufacturers have some kind of friction with each other, you should have the arguments outside public community space, without poisoning the atmosphere here.

  • Developer

    There is nothing illegal here !!! There is a thing called patents for that !

    I don't see any problem here, it's not like you sheared your design, for free to the community, and then someone made a product without giving any credit to the designer.  

    And you know if someone copying your idea, it means it was good idea :)

    They are same price anyway :)


    Good flying to all !


  • ""Our" new gimbal are illegal but improved copy of Jakub Jewula design"


    For example ;)



This reply was deleted.