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ArduCopter makes the Colbert Report!


Thanks to our friends at Tacocopter, who decided to base their only slightly imaginary robotic food delivery service on the ArduCopter platform, we have now made the big time: The Colbert Report does a whole segment on ArduCopter-powered fictional food transport.

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  • I wouldn't sit through an episode of the Colbert Report, even if there's a mention of Arducopter or if you paid me.

  • Could any1 perhaps upload the video on youtube or vimeo? I cant get it working, with proxies or comedy central... Thanks :)

  • Someone should rig a multicopter to carry tacos to get on the show :) . Sadly this hoax has probably brought more public awareness to regulation than any of our attempts.

  • Hey Hey! Thats my arducopter in the photo :) *proud*

  • Sure it was mainly about tacocopter, but the quadcopter image they used says it all (jDrones).

    I saw it on Wed and was amazed they spent an entire segment on it (ad to ad). Sweet. Slow political news day I guess. 

  • http://www.thecomedynetwork.ca/Shows/TheColbertReport?videoPackage=...


    That link should work for us Canadians.


  • Robert that's strange, I am in Greece and although hulu is geoblocked the comedy central link works ok. You can try to download it from a torrent website, it is the March 27 episode. I don't post a link because I don't know what the policy of DIYdrones is on this matter (although Comedy Central provide the content for free) but you can just google it.

  • Try using a handy free proxy site such as Hidemyass(dot)com
  • Direct link is also geoblocked.

    So annoying.  At least if there was somewhere I could go to see it legally in Canada...

  • You can watch it in the official website, the direct link to the video:


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