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3689424202?profile=originalI'm going to be speaking at the Wired UK conference in London on Oct 13 and they want to see an ArduCopter demo. I can't bring on with me. Are there any ArduCopter pilots in the London area who would like to do an (indoors) demo at the conference? I can get you free admission to the whole thing (plus you get to hang out with me ;-))


PM me if you're interested.

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    Malcolm, we're thinking of having a meetup outside the conference, not at it. Maybe the eve before, depending on my flight schedule. 

  • i'm also can be that guy ! i will appreciate to be there for a demo.


  • Sorry chris just saw the price... would be great to meet you, but i think the money is a little steep for me. have a good time.

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    Hello Chris,


    I would be happy to come along with a few toys if it would help :)







  • I may well pop down and say hi, i can bring my heli with me chris, just pm me.

  • £1,495?!?!?!

    would come but I've got work =(

  • Chris, will there be a video or photo report available from this event? I think, a lot of people would like to see it.

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    And me in Toronto :) will be happy to go crash indoor! :) hahah

  • well Chris, whenever you get down in Paris, call me ;p

  • I'll see if I can get down to town for it. Put me down as a possible please!

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