The evolution of the code, the improvements made by the development team and the passion that we are putting in all this public project is bearing fruits that much hoped for.
ArduCopter is reaching commercial products, offers even more potential at an affordable cost.
Roberto Navoni and Emile Castelnuovo by "Virtualrobotix Italia" was the pionieer of ARM platform for ArduCopter code with the powerfull “VR Brain” (in this video), the new “PX4” now ranks at the same level but delayed on the roadmap, although we are almost ready for the first official stable release, i will start my hard test this week.
This blog post is dedicated to people, like me, using heart and mind for this passion, and this video to Leonard for making Acro mode much better!
Just to say thanks to whole “ArduCopter Dev Team”, DIY Drone community, “3DRobotics”, “Virtualrobotix Italia” and all those who like me are following this project with the right spirit, that of fun and sharing experience… enjoy with ArduCopter!

Bests... Marco
-= ArduCopter Dev Team =-

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  • Developer

    Not at the moment Peter, sorry.
    I'm finishing my personal website, when ready put all them.

  • Hi Marco,

    Do you have a public resource for your Params files based on your different frames and firmware versions?

  • Developer

    Hi Dave, follow the description of the video.

  • Where can I find info on this build?  I want one!  :-)

  • Wow, that's an impressive flight - agile & stable.

    Someone should do a shoot-out of the new Ardu hardware vs the OP Revo when it goes public.

  • Developer

    Thanks Jason! Yes, 2.9.1b branch (not ap_hal) but ported on VR Brain board.

  • Yes Jason this is a slightly modified version of the 2.9.1b. Navigation and attitude is the same, but we push a bit more on the mpu6000 with different gyro full scale, faster sampling and a 250Hz loop.

    We have the current Arducopter master (AP_HAL) ready to be included in the main code base, but I would like it to get a little more testing and let you you guys work on next release before submitting the pull request.


  • Developer

    Looks great Marco! I'll use this as a demo for friends who ask about Arducopter!

    BTW, Is that the 2.9.1 branch? 


  • Developer

    I hope too... :P
    On VR Brain the code now occupies 20% of its processing capacity.

  • And also  have Marco to be the first to demonstrate its capabilities for us....;)

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