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ArduCopter 2.7 Released!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Luke Vierdag Nov 6, 2012. 207 Replies

  In just a short while, ArduCopter 2.7 will become available for download in Mission Planner. As we worked on ArduCopter 2.6.1, we saw that it had several new and compelling features (as well as…Continue

MTK3329 with original firmware - Problem with default parameters

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jake Stew Apr 1, 2012. 9 Replies

Hi all! I try to using a MTK3329 gps with another fc board for comparation test, unfortunately, this board only accepts "standard NMEA" at "38400 baud" by default (and not binary), I flashed the gps…Continue

Octo coax are supported?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Mie Must Apr 1, 2012. 5 Replies

Hi all! Inside the "define.pde" i've found "#define OCTA_QUAD_FRAME", but i never found the connection to APM of the 8 motors in this configuration. I try to convert my heavy Octo-X to Octo-X4".Continue

ArduCopter Heavy X-Octo / X8 Coax - Foto, video and other

Started this discussion. Last reply by Denny Rowland Feb 4, 2014. 117 Replies

Hi all! After some pid tuning, but require further adjustment, today i made the first real flight with my "heavy ArduXOcto", i open this thread for sharing my experience if someone else wants build a…Continue


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Marco Robustini commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post APM:Plane double release 3.5.3 and 3.6.0beta1
"Thumbs up, thanks Andrew.I've to start doing experiments on Quadplane... :-)"

Marco Robustini replied to Dave Williams's discussion Using AUX pins as relays for CHDK
Apr 21
Vesselin Goranov commented on Marco Robustini's video

APM Copter V3.2 - "DJI S900" with "3DR Pixhawk" board and "UBlox Neo M8" gps

"The params depends a lot of the body weight and the loads - battery camera, gimbal, etc. My S900 body is tuned with thicker carbon plates, etc. to reduce the vibrations. Here are some parameters with 1 kg dummy load and 16000Ah…"
Apr 20

Marco Robustini commented on Falcon Unmanned's blog post Falcon Unmanned Delivers Initial Fleet of Aircraft for Multiyear US Dept. of Interior UAS Contract
"N.1 Chris, congrats!"
Apr 19
mohsein commented on Marco Robustini's video

APM Copter V3.2 - "DJI S900" with "3DR Pixhawk" board and "UBlox Neo M8" gps

"Hi could any body help me with the parameters tuning of pixhawk on s900 or s1000 thank you so much"
Apr 19
alihatamleh commented on Marco Robustini's blog post Testing "motors smoothing patch" of the "PX4 Autopilot VTOL" code
"hi there ,  I am a engineering student i have a graduation project in this field ... my project is create a combination between a fixed wing mode and quad copter mode .... my project is same to the zero project ( we have a hole in the wings and…"
Apr 19
Vesselin Goranov commented on Marco Robustini's video

APM Copter V3.2 - "DJI S900" with "3DR Pixhawk" board and "UBlox Neo M8" gps

"Some updates on my S900 projects. Installed the Pixraptor succesfully. The controller x/y vibrations are less 1.5 !!!!!  Perfect flights, even in strong stormy wind! Good reactivity, no any barometer issues. Moves like train on reels ;-) Seems…"
Apr 8

Marco Robustini commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Dronecode Member conference in San Diego. Also: Dronecode Japan launch
"Congrats! It would be great to meet this friends in person..."
Apr 8

Marco Robustini commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Become a DIY Drones moderator!
"When i can, i'm available..."
Mar 14

Marco Robustini commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post A new chapter in ArduPilot development
"Go go go!!!We continue to write this beautiful story..."
Feb 27

Marco Robustini commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Swarming demo with Solos from Accelerated Dynamics
"@earthpatrol, can you explain me here or in private what you mean with "open-source software including the ability to manage multiple MAVs"...?"
Feb 26

Marco Robustini commented on Andrew Tridgell's blog post Building, flying and crashing a large QuadPlane
"Good luck for the next quadplane tests!"
Feb 25
JB commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "PX4 VTOL" - Full automatic mission with multiple transitions
"Marco I agree a VTOL is a compromise, but if the application requires more flight time efficiencies can be achieved by prioritizing winged flight over quad flight, by reducing the quad components to a minimum, because they are only required for…"
Feb 4

Marco Robustini commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "PX4 VTOL" - Full automatic mission with multiple transitions
"This is a calculation that should not be done. The VTOL is a compromises in terms of efficiency."
Feb 3
Veikko Vierola commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "PX4 VTOL" - Full automatic mission with multiple transitions
"Marco, how much reduction of AMP-load or increase of flight time do you get if compared to similar size pure quad copter on level flight?"
Feb 3
JB commented on Marco Robustini's blog post "PX4 VTOL" - Full automatic mission with multiple transitions
"Marco No Brake? Do the props spin and create lift or aren't you travelling fast enough horizontally? Spinning props create both drag and turbulence over the wing which reduces flight time etc."
Feb 3

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Aerial video & photo, i'm aerial filmer for "Redbull Italy"

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"PX4 VTOL" - Full automatic mission with multiple transitions

Posted on February 1, 2016 at 5:30am 23 Comments

In this video you can see a full automatic mission with the "PX4 VTOL" firmware, installed on a single Pixhawk.

The current…


Testing "motors smoothing patch" of the "PX4 Autopilot VTOL" code

Posted on December 21, 2015 at 12:30pm 15 Comments

We tried to put a smooth motors transition in…


"APM:Copter V3.3 RC5" - Failure and recovery: one motor rotated by 90° during flight

Posted on June 19, 2015 at 6:00am 10 Comments

During the first flight of this big hexa one of the six motors rotated about by 90° for a faulty clamp, really bad situation for the attitude, here's how the code and the pilot handle this emergency, with a perfect landing.…


Introducing the Lily Camera

Posted on May 12, 2015 at 2:00pm 42 Comments

Lily is the world's first throw-and-shoot camera. It lets anyone create cinematic footage previously reserved for professional filmmakers.

Lily is waterproof, ultra-portable, and shoots stunning HD pictures and videos.

Pre-order now at…


Comment Wall (19 comments)

At 1:44pm on December 8, 2011, Augusto Sala said…

Ciao Marco,

l'ArduPPM direi che fa passare anche il canale 8 se lo faceva passare la versione .86. Devi disabilitare il passthrough (e dovrebbe già esserlo nel sorgente che ho postato). In caso di perdita di segnale i canali dal 6 all'8 restano al nello stato precedente.

At 3:35pm on December 8, 2011,
Marco Robustini

Ottimo, grazie Augusto! Leggo che hai problemi col magneto... è una versione hardware nuova o vecchia?
Questo perchè spero tu sappia che c'è da rimuovere una resistenza per farlo andare meglio.
L'hai saldato direttamente sopra l'OilPAN?

At 12:56pm on January 3, 2012, Leonardo Guarini said…

Ciao Marco

mi sono appena registrato e scrivo a te perchè ho letto nel forum che sei molto attivo nel team di arducopter.

Posso chiederti alcuni consigli circa la messa a punto di un MK hexa XL ? Sono appena tornato con un amico da un ennesimo test di volo concluso con un crash. Abbiamo già rotto parecchie eliche e un braccio e siamo un po' scoraggiati.

Ti ringrazio in anticipo

At 10:28am on May 30, 2012, wilson javier madrid sossa said…

inquadrare un abbraccio e saluti dalla Colombia.
Ho avuto qualche problema con la mia apm 1 ed è il dispositivo che a volte perde il controllo e cade. quello che è successo ieri realizzata avendo visto in mano è che in ogni momento in cui egli teneva in mano sentivo che era rimasto senza funzione di colpi di scena e gli accelerometri. spegnere la radio e se ne andò via. guardare il APMe il LED blu era lampeggiare rapidamente e il verde spegnere completamente armato.
Faccio riprese aeree e temo che perdere il controllo succede qualcosa in quel modo.

Un'altra cosa è che ho il controllo della velocità e flasheamos mattoni rossi e SATaccelerazione kue è stato perso del 50% e che sono tornato a pianificare i tour dal progettista Mission.

Apprezzo tutta l'assistenza che ricevono.

At 11:48am on May 30, 2012,
Marco Robustini

Ciao Wilson, forse se non usi Google Translator capisco meglio cosa ti sta succedendo... puoi riscrivere il tuo post in inglese?

Grazie, Marco

At 2:25pm on October 21, 2012, max246 said…

Ciao, avrei alcune domande riguardanti il nuovo Arducopter ma preferisco rivolgertele tramite email o pm.

Fammi sapere come preferisci continuare la conversazione.



At 4:30pm on October 21, 2012,
Marco Robustini

Ciao Christian, scrivi pure qui se vuoi, non rispondo in privato perchè mi massacrano di messaggi e devo ripetere sempre le stesse cose... :-)

At 8:51am on April 18, 2013, Alessandro said…

Ciao Marco , sono Alessandro , un nuovo iscritto al forum ma uso e manipolo arduino e ardupilot da un pò di tempo.

Ho un piccolo problema e spero tu possa aiutarmi :

uso APM 1 su tri/quad/esacotteri con estrema facilità (non entrando in configurazioni particolari ma usando i parametri di default).

stò provando ad installarlo su un Align 500 , ma non riesco a configurarlo.

quando aumento il gas , i tre servi del ciclico si muovono poco e in maniera difforme , cioè una va' prima su e poi scende, un'altro stà fermo e poi sale di colpo...

se faccio un reset del piatto e poi clicco sopra su manual riesco a regolarlo , ma quando salvo torna tutto come prima.

Dove sbaglio ?

La versione firmware  è la 2.9.

Ti ringrazio e ti saluto.


At 8:44am on June 1, 2013, gustavo said…

Hi Marco,.

i saw your test fly for arducopter 3 rc , do you consider it safe to test on its actual stage ? just for stabilize . of course as always at my own risk ..


At 6:04pm on June 1, 2013, William Burkert said…


I would like to be more self sufficient when trying to resolve problem while testing but I just cant seem to find change logs.  I have a 3drobotics quadcopter with an external magnetometer.  There used to be compass orientation but now Flight Planner doesn't allow me to pull down the options so I can specify YAW 180.  Compassmot doesn't seem to be a TEST option anymore either.

Why did compassmot go away along with compass orientation?


I also have an optical flow sensor v1.1 and it powers on but never shows any changing values.  When I hook up the Optical Flow sensor to test it also seems to really mess with the APM2.5.  When I first got the Optical Flow Sensor I think it screwed up an APM 2.5 and I had to but another.  I installed it twice on the new APM 2.5 and getting back to a normal operating APM 2.5 is scary because it always seems like I gliched another APM 2.5.

I guess I don't care about the optical flow sensor, all I am trying to do is to have a nice flying quadcopter.


Please help me figure out the compass and maybe the optical flow sensor v1.1.


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