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ArduCopter unboxing!!!

It's here! The first beta of the retail ArduCopter frame arrived today, and it's GORGEOUS. Jani has totally outdone himself. Above is the box, which is surprisingly small--just 13" x 4.5". Nice label, tells you what's inside. (This box is just the frame. If you'd ordered the other bits, such as the APM autopilot, GPS, motors, ESCs and props, they would have come in smaller boxes, and they'd all be packed up in one bigger box.)

Everything fits in really neatly.

Here all the parts are laid out. Each subsystem is in its own sealed bag, labeled and numbered.

An example of one bag: the power distribution PCB. Front...

...and back.

An example of the CNC'd parts. Love the little touches, like the name etched in the dome components.

Parts list

Introductory instructions. Full instructions are online.


Next steps: the beta testers are going to build and fly the quads with the latest software. Based on that feedback, we'll finish the documentation and decide on a release candidate of the code, and burn that into the boards. Jani will stock up on a LOT of the component parts, including motors, ESCs and props, and we'll announce a release date and prices for all of the versions, from just the frame to a complete ArduCopter UAV kit with everything included.

Totally thrilling. This project has been a long time in development, starting with the original ArduPilot board, and it's really gratifying to see it hit commercial maturity like this. Jani, you're a star!

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  • What nostalgia to watch !
    I am just now embarking on restoring my old (#42 in the world) APM1 based Arducopter that has been grounded since 2012 after I crashed and bent one aluminium arm. I have these alu bars new as spares so no worry there.

    What I am missing is a few plexi pieces to repair the brittle original landing gear. I know it is stuff to abandon these days given all nice air frames. But I want the copter back to original as it was out of the box. So if any of you sit on a few plexi landing gear pieces (the legs) I will be a customer.

  • Jani,


    That is what I am hearing, but I'm puzzled, I've just checked the  DIYD store and JDrones sites again and this is what I see:


    It would be advantagous for shipping and general costs to get one from the DIYD store but I can't find them in stock anywhere!
  • Developer
    Davey, we are shipping them every day..
  • If only we could get them!!!!!
  • When is it available ?
  • I got it. Thanx.
  • Developer
    Yes because they are not yet official, you find them under my branch on same repository branches/jpkh/frame
  • Thanx Jani


    Project page under rep look empty ? Is there any other working place ?
  • Developer
    Yes there are. all material is on our repository/wiki (we are working on wiki as we speak)
  • Any drawings (maybe cad) for the kit ? [ is this commercial or opensource too ? ]
This reply was deleted.