ArduIMU V2 Test Application

MainScreen9.gifThis application was designed to help you test your ArduIMU V2 by showing graphically and numerically all of the data being output from the IMU.You can download the Setup here: ArduIMUTest Setup (3 MB)This version of the Test App uses the MSCOMM control, so the max COM port number is 16 (unfortunately a limitation set forth my Microsoft).Before starting the application, make sure your ArduIMU is sitting flat with the serial cable towards yourself. When the application starts, it will automatically try to find the right COM port and it defaults to 38,400 baud.To reset the ArduIMU, click Disconnect and Connect again on the application. It takes about 10 seconds for the ArduIMU to boot up and start sending serial messages so please be patient.No need for LabView runtime! Yay! However, it now requires DirectX 8 runtime :)EDIT: A special thanks to Michal for providing the 3DS file and texture map! Thank you Michal!!!
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  • try and reloading the code again

  • Having issues with the GPS, I think I need to reconfigure it before it will talk to the ArduIMU board.

  • Hi, 

    I didn't use the GPS. I think you just buy the Ublox 5 and install it. 

  • My v3+ works great but having gps issues. I think I need to reconfigure the firmware to play nicely with ArduIMU.

  • @varinder did you get the gps working, if so what kind did you buy?

  • Its Working:)

  • Hi Guys,

    I have got my Ardu IMU v3+ connected to my PC, and I have also downloaded ArduImU Test by Happy K. THe IMU test window seems to be blank and does not give me the data for the IMU?

    Help Please!,


  • I don't own one and they're currently out of stock....

  • Moderator

    Good question.  Hope you get an answer.

  • Is there any chance this software will be compatible with the ArduIMU V3? Would the path of least resistance be to modify the new ArduIMU code to conform to the syntax of the Test Application? 

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