Ardupilot activating a Canon camera running CHDK

I'm looking to get the ardupilot to take photo's using my Canon camera that runs CHDK perhaps when it reaches a waypoint.CHDK has a USB remote shutter function described [URL=]here[/URL]Im not sure if any of you have experience with this, but I am right in thinking all i would need to do is get the ardupilot set one spare pin to HIGH for say 200ms when it reaches the desired waypoint?Also, on a side note, I would like to buy the Xbee Pro 868 dev kit but I'm having trouble finding a distributor that would get it to Australia for a reasonable price.Would anyone in the US with a reputable record on DiyDrones be willing to forward this to me in Australia? I would cover all delivery expenses of course.Thanks for your help.Nick
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  • Nick, did you ever get it going? I'm looking to similar with APMega.
  • Nick,

    Where are you in WA, Not Perth by any chance?
  • 3D Robotics
    If triggering the shutter really is as simple as that circuit suggests, then yes, I think what you describe can work.
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