Ardupilot Alpha/Beta Testing

Since we have a few major pieces of software being developed at the same time I wanted to make a few points about how you can help.

1. Even though the dev team provides excellent support, Doug, myself and the Arducopter team do this on the side and are only paid in the satisfaction of seeing Ardupilot code in the air on your planes. I really mean that. We like to hear about successful integration and flights, not just bugs.

2. We are moving to the Issues list on Google code. Only issues listed will be addressed. This is simply the best way to track everything and it's open to to view by everyone. Please only put bugs in there and keep questions for the Forum posts.

3. If you are using Beta software, please understand there will be bugs. That's the point. What we really need to solve a problem is

- your header file
- pics of your HW setup if applicable
- DETAILED steps to reproduce the issue
- Example Code Fix to fix the issue - we really love getting code.

4. It's great to discuss issues in the forums, but please don't assume the dev team will read every post. Please use the issue tracker to ensure it is dealt with. Again, if you have a fix, please post the code to the issues list and not just the thread.

5. Alpha code will no longer be posted as a Zip archive. Get an SVN client such as Tortoise SVN. Changes happen daily/hourly.

6. We will be Tagging major updates so you can easily access older builds - as soon as we figure out how to do that ;) Michael is a pro at this and will be setting us up.

We are aiming for flyable Mega code to be Alpha by the 20th.

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  • He guys,
    you are all wrong. It is clear the car hit the plane. I could find nothing in the code to make the UAV do this.
  • Is that the official photo for the next T3 competition.?
  • Developer
    Great and it has your home address and phone number on the aircraft, so you can't just run away. ;-)
  • Don't know why, but I will check my insurance coverage...
  • Hey, if anyone wants to make a self destruct function, Id say you have a good shot at winning the antimov competition (and between $500 and $3500 too). I can think of a few uses for that relay now.
  • I feel bad for the cars owner who drew the short stick :(
  • Actually gentlemen,
    what we have here is the new self destruct/kamikaze function. If a priority target is discovered such as your evil neighbors cat, your evil neighbors dog, your evil neighbor, or your evil neighbors car in this case your UAV will do a nose dive kamikaze accurate to within 2.5 meters. The target will be destroyed or badly damaged and by the looks of that car i will certainly be nice to all of my neighbors within the UAVs range(couple miles). So yes VERY NICE SHOT!!!! and Great job bringing the power to the (Ardu)PILOT!!!!
  • Moderator
    Nice shot ;)
  • P.S for the record..'Knuckles' in my experiance the mega deosnt like the prefers the stratosphere so far in

    and NO ONE is stupid enough to test fly near thier, or worse, someone elses cars...are they now :) :) nudge, nudge..

  • Do one thing every day that scares you!

    Its like taking the labels off ya food tins...ya never know what your going to get..excellent.

    Thoroughly enjoying this....didnt actually get to fly it today but its all set up ready...

    due the spurious annoyances of having to earn a living :@)

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