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RolandS888 posted a blog post
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWwNMjWDUjwHere's some of the flight footage taken during our scrutineering flights at last years (2010) UAV Outback Challenge.The airstrip is at Kingaroy, Queensland, Australia.
Feb 7, 2011
RolandS888 commented on RolandS888's blog post Latitude 38S UAV Outback Challenge Documentary
"Hi Recmaster, we are using a UNAV 3500FW from U-NAV.com. Cheers, Roland."
Oct 18, 2010
RolandS888 posted a blog post
This is the video we submitted for the Documentary Challenge at the 2010 UAV Outback Challenge.To our surprise we picked up first prize, and a few dollars to keep the project alive for our 2011 entry.Hope you enjoy.......Cheers, Roland.
Oct 7, 2010
RolandS888 commented on RolandS888's blog post Latitude 38s UAV Outback Challenge D2 Video
the airframe cost about as much as a 1/3 or 1/2 scale RC plane. Sure its expensive, but Paul and I are fanatics when it comes to UAVs and autonomous flight. So, in true "big boys and their toys" fashion we coughed up the money and…"
Sep 1, 2010
RolandS888 commented on RolandS888's blog post Latitude 38s UAV Outback Challenge D2 Video
"The Challenge is not merely carrying the bottle of water.
Its more the development and implementation of the equipment and systems involved to successfully deliver a package to an unknown distant location, whilst maintaining a high level of…"
Aug 31, 2010
RolandS888 posted a blog post
Here's a copy of our Deliverable 2 video that we presented for entry into the 2010 UAV Outback Challenge.We are using a Penguin-B UAV airframe from UAVFactory(.com) its a very stable platform and as seen in the video it is flying at an AUW of 15kg…
Aug 30, 2010
RolandS888 commented on Jason Short's blog post Ardupilot Alpha/Beta Testing
"Is that the official photo for the next T3 competition.?"
Aug 21, 2010
RolandS888 commented on Chris Anderson's blog post Unboxing the Feiyu FY-3ZT IMU autopilot
"I love a good conspiracy theory....take it away dankers."
Jul 5, 2010
RolandS888 commented on Angus Peart's blog post Flying High With NextG
"Looks like a silvertone flamingo"
Jun 19, 2009
RolandS888 commented on Simon's blog post Modification to Class License 2000 - Exclusion of video telemetry
"This is potentially very damaging for the 2009 UAV Outback Challenge.

If the ACMA rules change to ban video on 2.4GHz Challenge teams still flying analog 2.4GHz video, would be disqualified for spectrum non-compliance.

The organising comitee would…"
Jun 14, 2009