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  • If you are going to sell the Penguin B pls let me know.

  • Hi Recmaster, we are using a UNAV 3500FW from Cheers, Roland.
  • Yello RolandS888,
    tell me please - what kind of autopilot did you use? AP, APMega ar something else?
  • Good work on the video guys! It was good to meet you and with any luck, maybe we will see you next year.
  • love the video, i laugh so hard on the ending part
  • I really enjoyed the Latitude 38S video !
    Lots of RC Pilots hide their mistakes, epecially if their plane had even a little bit crash landing, they tries to clip off the part of the videos and generally do not let their mistakes come into lime light.

    I really appreciate your efforts and patience ! Generally people gets their hearts broken after such crashes which resultes complete damage to so expensive items. But you guys really did not broke and tried and tried and ultimately you got success !

    This gives me recall to a very famous story "Bruce and the Spider" I red during my schooling.
  • It's a very nice video and the story is great.
    I love it.
  • Developer
    Wow you are dedicated, great video !
  • Awesome. Love the intro.
  • Very nice video Roland! Thank you for posting it.
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