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some days ago a new folder appeared in DIYDrones ArduPilot repository:


After reading the notes, I shouted up! HORRAY! That's what I'm exactly looking for to be used in my mobile Ground station, since this code uses the built-in sensors for proper positioning too!

So I immediatelly wired up a small test platform for initial testing, with the using of:

  • APM 2.6
  • 2 servos
  • 868 Telemetry module
  • GPS receiver
  • 4s NiMh AA battery
  • some masking tape… :):)

Here is the result (first take-off!!!):


Please note that APM has terrible magnetic interference caused by cheap metal-gear servo (servo ofsets over 400 after calibration!!!), and also not fine-tuned. But still, can do the job!!! And also programmable through telemetry module!

So I'm going to design a small 3D printed tracker block at the top of my previously built mobile ground station, covered with a plastic dome, and using of a mini APM and flat patch antenna.

Just keep on good work, DIYDrones ArduPilot dev TEAM!!!

Best regards


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  • @ Randy,

    Thanks.  I think I basically misunderstood the configuration of Antenna Tracker which has the telemetry antenna connected to the tracker board rather than the ground station.  I was hoping to use the APM2.5 as a tracker for my video receiver so I guess I will go back to the ardutracker code. It is just hard to find any documentation on how mission planner communicates with that code (ardutracker.ino) in order to find tune the angles.  

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    Ok, so the problem is that on an APM2.5 the Telemetry and USB ports are the same serial port.  This means that if the telemetry radio is connected to the telem port, you can't connect the MP to the APM2.5 using USB.

    I guess you've already had a peek at the AT wiki?  There's a link in there which shows where the telem2 port is on the APM2.x.  This requires cutting a hole in the APM's case and some soldering but it should be possible to connect th telemetry to that 2ndary serial port and thus avoid the USBvsTelem1 conflict.

  • Is it possible to control an APM 2.5 based antenna tracker via the USB cable to Mission Planner?  I installed the firmware and configured the APM board but nothing happens when I try to use it as a tracker with a quadcopter.  I can't even test out the trims when connected directly to the APM.  Do you need a Pixhawk based antenna tracker in order to use the USB connection to Mission Planner?  

    I know the hardware works fine because when I controlled the APM board using ardutracker.ino everything worked, even though the tracking was sub-optimal.  I am now trying to control it using Antenna Tracker 0.2

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    Does anyone know where we can get v0.1 of this firmware, as v0.2 is not working for us? Previous firmware in MP only loads v0.2.

  • http://youtu.be/JvAcM5vZtko

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  • shall do mate, i had 15mins of daylight after work today so i got the modem off the tracker and set it up with the same net id ect as my vehicle and connected it back up waited 2mins for both tracker and vehicle to get a good h.dop and proceeded to walk a 360 circle around the tracker however it only followed about 60 degrees of my circle then seemed to go into auto mode also it only pointed down , I've got a feeling it a calibration issue so i'll redo that tonight and see how that goes once ive got it working as described in the wiki i'll give Ctrl-f a try

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    That might work.  I'm not familiar with the "Ctrl-F" connect but I guess you're saying it forwards on messages received from the radio connected to the PC to any connected pixhawk/apm2?  If you could give it a try and if it works I'll add that method to the wiki.

  • Ok so ive got a tracker setup and found the wiki , so from what i read the modem on the track has to be the main/master modem or have multi point firmware . Why can we not Ctrl-f and send mavlink packets at the tracker that way??

  • Perhaps something can be made to make this function similar to the, now legacy, EPLRS system used by artillery and tanks within the US DoD.
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