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  • Hobbico SuperStar: Is that the best plane for this? Arent there any "cooler" looking planes like the predator?
    Maybe even better than the predator that really looks like a us. army drone? Does Hobbico SuperStar fit with the wireless realtime video kit?

    When setting a drone, do you just set gps points and it drives by it self? Do you also set the height?
    It flies stable all the way even with meeting some vinds?

    Would you dare setting one of theese things flying over a official fotball match?

    Please answer:)

  • 3D Robotics
    @Jhon: That may work (the autopilot would be overriding the FMA Co-Pilot, which is controlling the elevator) but we haven't tested it.
  • what happends if we decide that plane flight too stright and we decide connect alt-hold output to elevator instead to throtle?
  • There're still OUT 3/4 on the board, are these usable for something? Like another servo control?
    It's stated here that Servo timer outputs just 2 pins, so maybe not... so why are these outputs there?
  • how do we get on the list to buy?
  • Chris, sorry for the late input, I recommend SmartSVN. It is a fully featuered svn client. Written in Java, so it runs on all platforms, and has both free and "pro" versions. The basic version is quite nice, missing features like branching and merging, switching etc... but you probably don't need those features now anyway.
  • Moderator
    The line up is already around the block.
  • 3D Robotics
    @Izak: Probably next week.
  • Hi Chris when will these be available for sale?
  • Awesome! I was wondering when I saw the initial upload if you were going to stick in a svn repository. I use command line on the Mac myself. Eclipse (subClipse) will do it as well as will TextMate. I'll check it out in a few. Thanks!
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