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  • hi... i'm a newbie in embedded electronics and am very happy to join... =)

    thanks for tweaking the board to enable hardware pwm...

    i have a crazy idea of using an ArduPilot...

    in the setup it shows two servos in the output pin...

    i would presume that ArduPilot could control those two servos to
    automatically steer the plane...

    it's probably a stupid question, but i would like to know if two extra
    servos could be controlled by ArduPilot automatically just like the
    way it controls the first two servos... therefore automatically controlling
    all 4 servos instead of just two...

    the answer is probably in the documentation or in the code, I will check
    them both later... i just started using Arduino two weeks ago and started
    coding C as well... i'm not even sure if that's what u call the language for

    let me know... thanks..

  • Hi - newbie alert! I have about been reading about this for a while now.. is there any way I could ( or maybe in the future) implement the ardupilot on my tricopter? cheers, Josh
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    I don't see why not, but you'd have a good bit of coding to do. We've only done fixed wing and can't guide you much.
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    No. There will be no changes to the ArduPilot board for the next year. We will be releasing expansion boards that work with it, but the main board itself will not change.
  • Chris, are you planning on any major revision releases of the ardupilot board(with new 16MhZ Atmega328 processor) that is offered on sparkfun? My concern is that if I purchase a unit now and in two weeks or a month you release a revamped board I will have to purchase a new board. I would rather wait and purchase the latest board offered.

    Thanks for your time:)
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    edit silly question it's all on that one page... sorry..
  • T3
    Hi all I am new here and have just ordered all my components for the AurdoPilot. I want to read up on everything such that I reduce my questions to others.

    Is there an online manual that I can read through for set up etc?

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    Guys, you can't test the sensors very effectively on the ground (they're very sensitive to your body temperature and will see "you" much more than the horizon) but you should see some response. I just did it myself and if you cover the two sensor windows on one side with your hand, you should see the rudder slowly start to move. Likewise for the elevator. It's not immediate and linear, because the PID loops are working, but you should see some result. Again, make sure no sensors are "looking" are you body and reset the board to get a clean read. We're flying this code every week so we know it works!
  • Max,
    I have the same problem with 2.1. Only elevator seems to be effected by thermopiles. My plane is stable at altitude but sometimes goes into hard roll because I don't think the IR sensor is stabilizing in roll. Maybe Jordi knows why 2.1 isn't working right.
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    Is your cable facing forward or back? And if forward, have you changed that in the code?
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