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  • Thomas J Coyle III,

    "Gives me confidence to complete the assembly of my Ardupilot, attach the Shield board and GPS and then try an upload and see what happens."

    the locosys GPS can't be plugged when you upload the code, because of it's design, it's pulling the RX and TX line to low when unpowered making again USART conflic.

    and Reto you need the Z sensor to use the 2.2 but you probably can modify it to suit your needs!
    i'm in your case (locosys+shield+no Zsensor yet)
  • @ Jordi: thanks for your answer about XY sensor functions from ver. 2.0 code! That's what I need to know.
  • Developer
    I'm trying to upload the video, but i have problem with the internet since the morning. I been using my iPhone to answer questions.
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    Reto, yes you can do it, is the first way i did it. You can copy and paste the code i used in version 2.0 and replace the current functions that do the mixing in 2.2. Is really easy, but to be honest i will no added in future versions. To complicated handle multiple versions.
  • Hi Chris. I need to cross-post a question (sorry): is there an easy way to recode for using the XY sensor in "regular" (FMA style) orientation (parallel to the plane main axes) ? I wonder if I can keep my XY/GPS turret as is or if I need to reconsider this part of my plane. Thanks much for your short input on this.
  • I'd like to help, but have no Z sensor at all.... CRYYYY
    I went very rapidly through the code and it seems the Z-sensor is using a value condition, so maybe it makes only attitude corrections if the XY get into extreme differential values. But as I said I only ran through that code part and could be wrong. Maybe try to see if there's a reaction when the plane is tilted 90 degrees sideways or completely nose down, or inverted. Without the Z sensor in the loop, the inverted flight should be stabilized as in normal attitude; in inverted attitude, the Z reading should invert XY differential readings to correct the inversion (well, this is what I imagine it could do, but my comprehension could be inverted... ;-)
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    You can try modifying our sensor test code (bottom of this post) to include the Z.
  • is there a physical check to see if the Z sensor works ....I know the X-Y works .....It moves the elevator up and down when tilting the model ....Couldn't get the same reaction from the Z sensor ....
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    Good work Reto!

    Gives me confidence to complete the assembly of my Ardupilot, attach the Shield board and GPS and then try an upload and see what happens.

  • Hi all. Started plugging my brand new ArduPilot+Shield with my Locosys GPS (LS20031) together tonight.
    Powered the board separately, then loaded new code version and set up basic settings in "Ardupilot.h" file in the Arduino library folder. Then compiled the code in Arduino 015. Then uploaded the code to AP using the shield FTDI connector as in the manual with my Sparkfun FTDI Basic breakout board.
    Result is following: EVERYTHING RUNS JUST FINE !
    I got my GPS fix, serial monitoring of ArduPilot Tx is ok too. The barometric pressure sensor seems working ok (the ASP value in the monitoring is increasing when I shut the bottom air intake with my finger and blow toward the top intake, and decreases when doing the contrary (shutting top and blowing towards the bottom intake).
    I tried loading the Groundstation but did not get it to work until now when using the serial monitoring data flow on my com6 port for now. I'll try harder tomorrow and will include the Xbees in the process.
    Well, I'm sorry for all of you who had less chance with these setup steps. Don't be mad at Jordi or Chris, go on trying hard, and eventually also use your multimeter to cross check your solder points. Good luck to you all, I cross fingers for you guys (can't do much more to help).
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