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ArduPilot Mega back in stock!

Our long national nightmare is over: The ArduPilot Mega main board is back in stock. Sparkfun has 164 on hand, and more will be built as these go. The IMU shield is also in stock at the DIY Drones store, as are both the MediaTek and uBlox GPS modules. So basically everything you need is now available.

The code is in good shape in Alpha release (SVN only) and is being flown regularily. It will be released in public Beta (zip file) for less expert users by the end of Sept. The ArduCopter branch is also flying well, and should be ready for the commercial release of the full ArduCopter kit in about a month.

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  • As a btw, sparkfun got their shipment of HMC5843's in. Does that mean we can expect them to be back in stock in the diydrones store soon as well?
  • 3D Robotics
    Toby, we're making them as fast as we can. The available stock went a few minutes after I posted this. More will be out next week. We've ordered a second pick-and-place machine and are moving into bigger industrial space, so we should start to be able to keep up with demand within a month.
  • Chris, I've been trying to purchase the oilpan. still says out of stock

    when will it be back in stock?

  • When oilpan will be back in stock? It's out of stock in the store.
  • Anyone knows the <> between the OilPan 1.3 and 1.4?
  • Awesome, bought my ArduPilot Mega the moment it was back in stock! I have actually purchased the OilPan and was waiting on this to try it out!
  • Get to da choppa! Between this and GoPro... I guess I'll be working more overtime this month. =)
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    Mint. Time for AP #2!
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