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Many of you have been wondering the future of the ArduPilot project (RE: A New Chapter) The wait is finally over and we are happy to release our shiny new services for you all.

Wait is finally over :)

Most of developers have been really quiet last weeks. This is because there have been a great amount of work being done behind the scenes to make sure everything continues working as smooth as possible. Work like restructuring of the whole document site, new servers being set up, auto testers and firmware repositories have been moved along with whole firmware repositories and finally tens of thousands of posts and thousands of users from old the forums to a new discourse discussion servers and many more things. Sure there are still things to do but the major work is finished now and this is a great new beginning for the future ArduPilot development.

I am happy to invite all new and old members to come and join us on our new website:

Site changes are as follows:

- The ArduPilot groups and support forums have been combined and are now located at

- The old support forums are archived at

- The wiki is located at

As for the continuity, Tridge has already mentioned on his post here, new entities have been created and there are already several financial entities supporting this project and more are coming. After all admin work is done there will be more details about that.

I would like to offer my deepest gratitude for Bill, Buzz, Craig, Gary, Hamish, Tom and many others from ArduPilot team for the help to get all the work done.

With best regards,

The ArduPilot Dev Team

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  • Developer

    @cala, wroste you both should have now email waiting on your inbox. Looked from server logs and saw that email left out.

    @wrostek you need to activate your account first and then ask pw reset as you have not confirmed your email earlier.

  • Developer

    @Tobias let's see about that. One thing at the time :)

  • Developer

    @wrostek, cala did you check your spam folders? Sometimes they end there. I can check if I see anything for you two there. Many people have already re-activated their accounts. Let's try to find why you have not get one :)

  • I like it. I hope will be more focussed on technology development and DIY again. In the last year "DIY"drones has become more or less just an advertising board.

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  • Me too, didn't receive a confirmation mail for new account.

  • Nice job
  • Thank's guys, big work not to loose so many info :D

    I try to log in as my old user name cala2 but I don't recive a mail with new pass.

  • THE NEW SITE KICKS ASS!!!  Great job on setting up the!!!!

  • Great work!

  • Great, and good luck to us all.
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