With the latest ArduPilotMega trunk you can perform in flight gain and waypoint adjustment along with many other parameters. This enables hardware in the loop flight control law debugging and testing. QGroundControl serves as the interface to the onboard parameter adjustment and also displays map views and real-time data plots with logging available.

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  • James, is there anywhere some sort of tutorial how to set these things up? Since this post is a bit dusty already could you confirm that APM 2.22 is still compatible with oooark/flightgear? I'll give it a try since that seems to be the only non-windows non-commercial HIL option available (please correct me if I'm wrong). And I recently noticed that HIL simulation could be useful :-) If I get it working I'll try to write that tutorial if there isn't already.. Thanks!

  • Hey Guys. Does anyone know if you can use QGroundCOntrol with FlightGear without the hardware interface? So rather than controlling the hardware autopilot and using FlightGear as a HITL Simulator the Qgroundcontrol directly controls the plane in FlightGear?

  • Developer

    This was done using qgroundcontrol git trunk, ArduPilotMega svn trunk on linux. The scicoslab is running the oooark toolbox.

  • Sweet.  Can you describe the increment you did this in.  Windows? Mac? Linux? And the version of the software your using.

  • Developer

    That's all the mavlink protocol.

  • Nice work James! That's MAVlink doing all that or is the HIL code part of the APM binary?

  • QGroundControl is really sweet! Keep the good work up!

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