All of this is open source and freely available for download. You can find the core autopilot here. We developed it using eclipse, but the environment is fully arduino compatible as well thanks to the hardwork of Mike!
This repository is for rover specific configuration files and a wiki site for ardupilotone based rovers.
To run the hardware in the loop you will need the mavsim scicoslab toolbox here.
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  • hello   , I have test APM-ROVER2.42 CODE in a tank ,set SKID_STEER_IN=0;SKID_STEER_OUT=1;  The throttle control is correct , but direction control only one side , what's wrong ,can some one tell me ,thanks very much

  • Hello:

      Where can I find the ardurover code??? I want to do a small UGV with differecial guidance (like tanks), and I think that the ardurover code it´s a good start point!!!

  • Developer
    The servo channels are set here:

    So channel 0 is steering and channel 1 is throttle. Channel 7 is mode control. You can also change the channels within qgroundcontrol.
  • Thanks, you're my hero! I realized that 5mins ago I was now gonna reply that I connected them. For ArduRover IN3 on the APM board is used for throttle but what about steering? Which input is used for steering?
  • Developer
    Wire the port labeled "telemport" fo the  ftdi gnd/ vin/ rx/ tx wires as you would the xbee, see this page for the wiring:
  • I'm connecting through USB port on the imu shied because my xbee doesn't work. So that means I have to use ftdi instead? But if i'm using ftdi how would i connect the IMU shield onto the apm board? Doesn't the ftdi connect connect onto the apm board?
  • Developer
    You are trying to connect to the debug port on USB probably. You need to connect to the telemetry port on the apm with an xbee pair or ftdi cable.
  • i'm basically trying to replicate your results that you had, you used the ardurover code right? whenever i try to connect to QGC the serial monitor keeps displaying :


    load: 67%    rate: 149.880100 Hz    free ram: 3349 bytesload: 62%    rate: 149.790300 Hz    free ram: 3349 bytesload: 64%    rate: 149.790300 Hz    free ram: 3349 bytesload: 58%    rate: 149.880100 Hz    free ram: 3349 bytesload: 62%    rate: 149.790300 Hz    free ram: 33 etc.


    however there is no mavlink connection. I used this code:



  • Developer
    Right now it just uses GPS for position so it is as accurate as your GPS. Ill check the latest ardupilotone code but it should work with the latest qgc built from the github master branch.
  • Has anyone ever gotten ArduPilotOne to connect to QGroundControl? For some reason it isn't connecting, can someone please help me?

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