arduplane Automatic flight to alt 2414m

Disclaimer:- DIYDRONES does not advocate or condone any RC flights beyond LOS or above 400'AGL. Do not try this. This APM assisted FPV was supposedly attempted in Russia. Such Flights may be illegal in many parts of the  world. Members/ Diy UAV enthusiasts are advised to check with local regulations/authorities for required permits & comply. DiyDrones bears no responsibility for such action.


Prototype of the compact UAV on the basis of popular model of the radio-controlled EasyStar plane

Basic characteristics of a glider:

initial look:


Material ELAPOR
Wingspan: 137 cm / 2400 quarter sm.
Loading: 3,28 kg/sq.m
Fuselage length: 86,3 cm
Weight: 680 g

Changes are made to a plane design:

Ailerons are cut through
The rudder is increased by 100%
the tail beam (3 carbonic rods 1мм at sides and a bottom) is reinforced
wings are straightened t and in this position are reinforced by three bars everyone
the niche in a tail beam under the 7-inch screw is cut out
servo are mounted near surfaces

motor 250w 2200KV
esc turnigy plush 30A
APC 7*5

This configuration  gives near 1kg pool (static measurement) that allows to provide reliable take-off.


APM 2.5 flight controller
GPS external mediatek 3329 speed of updating of data 10Hz
Voltage sensor
The separate UBEC power supply for avionics

FPV equipment:

720 lines camera  with high sensitivity
Video the transmitter 5,8GHz 200mw
video receiver 5,8GHz
FatShark video glasses


Zippy Flymax 3S 5000ma  (external  on the bottom of a fuselage)

3689520279?profile=originalRussian style hummer-drones laboratory

3689520251?profile=originalmotor and esc

3689520356?profile=originalelevator servo and rudder size

3689520426?profile=originalrc receiver and self-made apm2

3689520337?profile=originalfoam door to communication box

3689520382?profile=originalcamera and battery

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  • No I do not think it is a fake, I just like playing around with the KML file.

  • @Andrew: I agree, I'm just afraid that someone who doesn't see it that way might see videos like this and draw the conclusion that these are dangerous weapons that need to be illegal for everyone but the military.

    @Matthew I'm all for a good, well thought out regulation, where I live in sweden it's quite easy to get a permit to fly commercially LOS and has been for a while and so far there hasn't been any accidents so. Last media coverage of domestic UAVs where smart farming applications.

  • Unfortunately radio modem is not used, dataflesh log is not saved after fly

    if you wаnt i can upload mission and settings files

    I hope you do not think it's a fake?

  • Please upload your log files.

  • Gosh I wish I had a shed/greenhouse/carport like that... 

  • Very well put, Andrew. 

  • That disclaimer made me chuckle, when have these regulations ever been enforced, considered, much less abided by.
  • Göran,  how about allemansrätten for the skies?  If people are given a reasonable safe space to do as they wish, none of this is a problem.  

  • Göran, what's the difference between a foam UAV that weights a kilo or two and a Canada goose that weighs a couple more?  The risk from wildlife is an accepted risk for manned flight, even when cruising in the flight levels, and it's a million times or more a risk to aircraft than a lonely UAV or two.

    Bear in mind that this is SIX orders of magnitude at least difference in risk.  If you could reduce the risk of something by six orders of magnitude, you'd be a hero!

  • When I see stuff like this I think "maybe this hobby should be regulated after all"

    It's sad but the stupidity of a few will deprive the enjoyment from the rest who have the decency to use their common sense. Even if this is illegal where it was filmed, it might be used as "proof" that this is dangerous and should be made entirely illegal.

This reply was deleted.