ArduPlane flies at 4500m altitude


3689514622?profile=originalDuring a 4 weeks mission to Peru we have done several UAV flights for mapping purposes. These included flights at high altitude over the Andes. The highest one was over the scenic “Bosque de Piedras”, at 4500m altitude, where we have mapped a 1km2 area in a matrix flight pattern.



 - Images processed with PIX4D - 


These flights fit within a Belgian - Peruvian cooperation (KU Leuven – UNALM) to study and improve agricultural production in coastal, Andes and Amazon areas of the country. Special thanks to all the developers here at diydrones, dedicated to make Arduplane rock-solid and performing well under difficult conditions. During the 30+ autopilot missions, Arduplane never failed  and we managed to finish the project with one X8 frame, despite the harsh conditions (rainy season, high altitude, challenging landing spots..). Below a road-movie from the Andes part of the trip:

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  • Fantastic, and well done, congratulation to the team. APM is put into good use for people around the world. bravo

  • This is what it's all about - fantastic, thanks for sharing and very well done!
  • Fantastic, congratulations!

    Cheers from Brazil.

  • Hi,

    Nice to see these results from KU Leuven. I am a student at the faculty of electrical engineering. I will likely do a PhD on UAV communication next year.

  • 100KM

    Hi Dries, great stuff !!  I'm jealous!  I was hoping you would post something here.

    I have started a UAV group in yammer, a social network tool we use at KULeuven.  Mind if I repost it there ?

    I invited prof. Schrevens too.  I've looked to invite you too, but it seems you no longer have a kuleuven email (which is mandatory)

    If you guys ever need any assistance, don't hesitate to ask.

  • thanks. I guess flying above 14000 ft adds to the issues of flying in remote areas. Great photos from the Canon - I also use a Powershot (and a Rebel T3i) for photo mapping. I am going to have to look into the PIX 4D software, nice clean look.    

  • Thanks .  I used a simple camera (canon powershot S100) and basic setup for the X8 (2*3S-5000mAh Lipo -13*8  prop, APM2.5 with 3dr telemetry). Keep it simple and light when flying at high altitudes!! 

  • I am a bit interested in the inst. array that you used. What type of camera did you use with the PIX 4D software? did you (or were you able to) use a LIDAR / or multi-spec camera system as well?

    Very well done.





  • T3

    Nice work.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Great to hear !

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