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  • Hey,

    Great job, very nice design!!!

    I would like to participate developping and testing it.

    Have you created a github repository (like ardupilot )? and a discussion forum somewhere to keep developping your project?

    I'm surprised such a great idea was commented anymore in this topic since may! Or I've maybe missed something.

    Anyways, Tumbs Up :)


  • Genius! I love it!! I'm ready to buy when you are ready to sell.


  • @Jonathan Hesselbarth
    Just a question? When is it likely that you would make the code open source (ofcourse if u decide it to make open source in the first place)

  • I suppose it will be available soon. At the moment we optimize a few parameters in the code to have a more comfortable handling during the horizontal flight. The other thing we are working on is to revise some construction parts of the wingcopter to make it ready for serial production.

  • nice , just waiting for the time when it will be available to the general public :)

  • We're thinking about making the code open source. Maybe its even gonna get integrated into the actual Ardupilot software. At the moment, the basic plan is to provide the platform so everyone can extend it individually.

  • 100KM

    A very innovative design ! Marvellous !

    Do you plan on sharing the code modifications with the community ?

  • That is amazing. I said it once I say it again you must win the best design award of the year.
  • Thanks guys for all the compliments! To provide a better look at the tilting function we uploaded this video:
    (for more infos, take a look at our newest blog post :) )

    A kickstarter project seems like a good idea. Might be the easiest way to get you guys some wingcopters at a reasonable price.

  • Oh,I see the tilting mechanism is shown at the linked webpage. Very original.

    Good job too, modifying the code.

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