ArmQuad V12




 I built a  V shaped with 12 motor and coaxial prop 
I know that the V shape is patented by Asctec.
This is a test only for learning purpose.

Is based on Coridium ARMmite pro controller.

Motor: keda 50-20s with 8x4.5 prop

Gyro ITG3200, Acc BMA180, Lipo 5000 mAh


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  • Hi Juan,

    They are two separate sensors, but have the i2c bus in common

  • Moderator

    I know what @wilfred means... a patent does not seem to fit with the open-source flavour of this community.


    Actually, a patent does not prevent you or I from using this design, only from making money on it.


    -and nowadays, it does not even seem to prevent that.   [can you spell C. H. I. N. A?] 

  • A Patent has to contain Unique and original demands, otherwise, it's only Bluf !!

    I does not read German, and I would like to have an English or French version of these demands ?

    Anyway, it is not in mind of Doh It Yourself :)

  • It's an IMU or individual sensors?

  • @ Roberto, you are generous in your comments, thanks
    It would be nice if I could use your hardware (MP32) ,
    right now I think it is the best for this type of application.

    For patented V shape:

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    Yes is patend by Astec if you search online you can found it. Danilo are doing a great work with his code and configuration . He start his project before my first code on ARM MP32 start to work. He is a veteran of ARM :)



  • " V shape is patented by Asctec"


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    Great Work Danilo :-)
  • very  stable.

    some news about armquad ?

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