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  • Danilo, how is the project going?  Are you interested in sharing your code?


    By the way, to Whipple who wrote  "Did you take physics at all".  Did you take english at all?

     Who, what, where?  What is the point.

  • these are prettier than quads and you could still land if you lose a motor or 2
  • Did you take physics at all?
  • The frame is Q4 Y6 400 here


    If you find the right combination of different pitch, the propellers can be run at the same speed without losing efficiency.  

    Not a big problem even with the same props, because when you are flying, the correction of the yaw component run the props in a different speed. Only for a limited time (eg. hovering ) the prop run at the same speed, which is why I entered the 5%
    This domain may be for sale!
  • Interesting!  Running the top propellers 5% slower?  Wonder if using a different pitch would do the same? Thanks for the feedback need all the advice I can get.  I'm desperately trying to make good choices for hardware on my first purchases, no room left in the workshop for dead projects.    
  • How did you make/buye that frame?? Looks really nice :)
  • Hi all,

     I updated the post with a picture with some hardware details

    It is true, coax loses 10 to 20% efficiency. However, in my software, the propellers above run at 5% less than the lower prop.
    IMHO for flying time is more important to use propellers and engines that work for most of the time in their range of maximum efficiency.
    The project is still in private, before making them public I have to refine some things such as replacing the armmite pro with SuperPro to have more space for code

  • Hi is it an open source project ? I have coridium board here to test


    good job, very stable , god for aerial filming

  • more construction data  .... please :-)
  • Impressive, like to see more detail on the build.  Thinking of building a tricopter or better yet a Y6 as my first multi-rotor.  Really impressed with the overall stability and performance of the Y6. Put off by the apparent loss of efficiency for the upper prop.  There are many claims losses of 10 to 20% unless the vertical distance between rotors is large.  Does that loss directly effect flight time?  Appreciate any advice.
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